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  1. Hi really need some help i am trying to remove and do a new install of the f14 but when i try it still there can anyone help please
  2. Moz154m


    Okay after 3days of downloading dcs and installing it on to my external hdd i now face a new problem ctd when loading into a game or mulitiplayer
  3. hi need help doing a fresh reinstall on to a new 1tb hard drive my internet speed is 30mps but the download speed for 2.7 is no more than 3.5 mps how can i speed up the install
  4. So what do i need to do turn off game mode
  5. Hi guys i have a very big issues with the f16 when in mulit player my key binds work great but when in a mission or campagine they dont work at all what is wrong what am i doing wrong please someone help me out
  6. Hi when i open the mission editor i can only open my c drive it wont let me open my drive how can i fix this so mission editor open both drives
  7. nope that dont help
  8. Anyone know a fix for this and i am on the new update DCS.exe 5c93ea3f WorldGeneral.dll 5c93a451 c0000005 00000000000345a9 2fec 01d4e0c6b8cefba9 D:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS.exe D:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\WorldGeneral.dll 3365449b-9f64-4e8f-be20-b40420af4b60
  9. Thats the thing they dont say what you need in mods maps or addons
  10. I have tried everything all folders and nothing
  11. beta i have sent you screen shots
  12. I have done that and still not showing
  13. Can anyone please help me i have a problem with installling missions and campgains i place them in alll the folders i can find and yet when i fire up dcs they are not showing please someone be kind and help me out thanks
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