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  1. DX11 is GPU bound , i would invest in a graphic card , GTX970 at least 4GB vram. Then later on a new cpu .
  2. Thank you so much , was looking for a way round for this also . Now i can continue my campaign.
  3. Thanks gents for all your input , got it up and running nice now . thanks
  4. Is the gun sight and HUD working now , cant seem to get the HUD to work . 1.5
  5. Thanks for the replys gents , well it was the O-ring , it had come loose and was wedge in between the flange and top ball moving part , i have ran out of tammy grease so i used vaseline , to keep the ring in place . i have ordered a teflon ring off Hem ..great post thanks .
  6. Thanks for the reply , 77 views one reply . lol , did you have the same problem ,mine now it seems to lock up on the odd turn in flight and def makes a strange squeak noise .
  7. con3para


    USB 2.0 dont use 3 , have it pluged straight into the computer not a usb hub . i had same issues when using hubs, it would come on then go off .
  8. Hi all, had my warthogs for a while now , say four years , the other night i could hear my stick making strange squeaking noise , so i stripped it down and orderd some Tammy grease ,relubed the ball joint and all went well putting back together. I noticed the rubber O-ring was loose that sits under the black and white flange , is it surposed to be glued in place..??? , or held in place with grease . Could this be making the squeaking noise only happens when using pitch , any info would be greatful . Still not fixed the issue , with out the flange the ball joint is butter smooth but once assembled its back to sticky and squeaky. :noexpression: Do i need this rubber O" ring
  9. Please fix known issues that have been here for a long time , and i mean a long time . All these updates and still no fix. 1. game play online is awful , bad fps. 2.tracer bring systems to stand still and cluster bombs also . 3.ww2 or close dogfights are awful laggy . bad fps . 4.its 2015 . its getting very frustrating lately with all these updates but the same bugs are still here and stopping game play . come on EDGE.
  10. NO..!!! i flew tonight and was the same as before cant see jack sh** out of it nearly impossible to dogfight in sunlight rolling around a Mig15 with a dirty canopy lost sight so many times because of it .
  11. Oh right so this has been going on for some time then , i remember the 87-97 had problems when it went off , and fps dropped quite a bit , that was some time ago . looks like all the works going into edge . I am going to refraim myself from buying any more modules until then i think .
  12. Sorted uninstalled my drivers and let windows update to VGA card , then installed drivers again rebooted , dropped bushes down to 100m , and ha;f the distance , i get sold frames now apart from WWII stuff .
  13. Well i thought by now there would be a fix for the bad stuttering that comes with the WWII Warbirds , over combat i go from 60fps to 8fps over the airfields in a dogfight with flak going off and tracer fire , i haven't played in a while. Please fix the awful lagg and stuttering when tracer is being fired . ;)
  14. Hi gents just the other day i had 17 fps while online in the 104th server , after chatting with some of the guys on there , i did a fresh install of dcs-world lastest version 12.4 A complete uninstall of my graphic drivers and profiles, and rebooted my system , let windows find a vga driver for my GTX-780 card , i then installed 344.47 nvida drivers ,and msi afterburner set to 60fps , and set the in game setting to the attached below . i now have 30 fps at airport and 40-60 in air . hope this helps .
  15. take off Has there been any changes to the WWII birds , Taking off again has got hard. with out take off assist on , rudder auto . i find it near impossible to take off , any one else having difficulties .
  16. con3para


    yes i have followed the Manual curve settings all good so far , was fighting two F86 the other night , went well , no stalls , or flips .
  17. Really hope edge will be here in time , not that ill be flying until after boxing day . 109k sounds good .
  18. maybe patch to 1.2. i think it was . also make sure no fps apps are running , like afterburner ,
  19. Waiting for the sales ...:thumbup: come on Santa its getting close . i have a Christmas list to complete ...:D
  20. I only get three guns firing as well . just the other day , only two ammo counts dropped while flying one of the campaign missions . waiting for EDGE.
  21. Could be tracer fire, i get stutters when WWII are in dogfights and lots of tracer. There is a file you change , but i cant find it now i think it was a tracer some thing . since the last update i am having lots of stutters again . try this from this site. Edit your tracer_bullet_red.lods file found in .../Bazar/World/Shapes folder values are like this Code: lods = { {"tracer_bullet_red.edm",600.000000}; {"tracer_bullet_red-LOD.edm",2000.000000}; {"tracer_bullet_red-LOD2.edm",1000000.000000};
  22. I shall be there , flown on your server few times now ,
  23. Why not start off with the rudder assist on . then work your way up until you get used to it . its a hard bird on take offs .
  24. Thanks for the tips , ill take a look at the gun sight , i prefer mine fixed . colour wise ill adjust the t.v. see how it goes . just tested the gun sight as fixed , thanks for the tip , can i ask what curves you have on your axis .
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