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  1. I went back to check this and from what I can see, the view is perhaps in 'Normal' mode even though my MPD is in the 'Zoom' mode? As soon as you select a target I get a better zoomed in view of the enemy.
  2. After the latest patch I found taking off is much harder as if the Apache appear much heavier now.
  3. I would highly recommend you sign up as a patreon to support Chucks' work. He has supported the DCS community for years and continue to do so. Chuck has created lots of guides that has benefited thousands of people so giving a bit back to him will surely help him. https://www.patreon.com/chucksguides
  4. Ah I didn't know that, thank you! I usually start asking George to find targets 10-15km out so I haven't noticed this. If that's the case I think it sounds like it works quite well as it would be humanly difficult to id targets that far away many times. For people who want it to be easier, as mentioned, perhaps a setting to switch it on/off.
  5. Perhaps a setting in the options if people want to know the exact type of a target? An alternative could perhaps be that as you go through the target list that George points the laser at each target and it leaves it up to you to have the TADS video feed to recognize the exact type of enemy?
  6. No, no I bought a damper several months ago. I found with it on that it was so stiff - even on the lowest setting - that the pedals couldn't center by themselves any longer. So I returned them. Now I bought a new damper to try again, and this time it seems more soft on the lowest setting. I removed the centre spring and now I just find that the damper make the rudders 'stick' so that when I want to make small adjustments in the Apache it is very difficult. I've read many people rave about how fantastic and realistic it is to add a damper but so far I haven't found it is so fantastic. I don't know if I'm just unlucky twice with the damper that I bought...
  7. edit: updated to avoid confusion I bought a second damper, to replace the first one I tried, and installed now for use with the DCS Apache. So I detatched the centre spring. Now the damper is causing sticktion to the rudder. So making minor adjustments is a pain which is a deal breaker with the apache such as for take off or hovering... Any recommendations for how to solve this? Any sort of oil or similar to use for the damper to make it move more smoothly? It's smooth once moving but it's simply to first get it moving that feels 'sticky'
  8. This would make it a lot easier instead of having to write down/remember coordinates, translate them and then enter the coordinates in the apache.
  9. It must be really, really, really complex to fix .....
  10. ExportScripts was updated some days ago so you can bind to various controls in the Apache. There is a separate thread for this if you are interested. I had a look using DCS-BIOS and found the interfaces to various things like the MPDs, etc. but I couldn't find things like master caution, A/S, GND, etc. which was what I wanted to use for binding to my streamdeck to easily show the status. Also when flying I couldn't see the value would be different so I could use this to set the state of an image of the streamdeck. I hope it will be made available or somebody figures it out
  11. Thank you for the update for the Apache. Very quickly done after the release which is amazing! I haven't come across any of the controls so far export text strings which can be used to be displayed on the streamdeck. I need to setup DCS Bios correctly to try and dig deeper into this but wanted to put it as a question here as it might already been resolved. As an example the F-16 has outputs that can be used to display the chaff numbers, remaining fuel, etc. https://github.com/asherao/DCS-ExportScripts/wiki/F-16C
  12. If I understand your question correctly - You will have to virtually re-centre your joystick to the centre and retrim to get back to get back to neutral. That's why we are asking for a control we can bind to so we can reset the trim.
  13. Hopefully Virpil is reading this forum and will come up with a FFB base soon. They have access to a big market for both TM and Virpil sticks
  14. A small tricks to disable/reset your trim seems to jump into your cpg seat and back again. So click ‘2’ and then ‘1’…
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