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  1. Since one or two patches ago (excluding recent hotfix) anytime when I have the AP enabled and give any sort of stick input, the nose aims downwards in the beginning. Doesn't matter whether I roll left/right or even pull the stick back. The moment it detects input the nose goes downwards before the input is strong enough to go where you want it to. I have no conflicting bindings and when checking the ingame axis (rctrl + enter) it doesn't show wrong input. Is this intended behaviour?
  2. At one point during a MP night mission my tomcat and another person's tomcat cockpit lighting all of a sudden increased its brightness at the same time without tinkering with the settings.
  3. Hello all, My question is not related to the DCS module but I suppose this is the best location for my question. I'm currently going through the F-14B NAVAIR manual and checklist in order to find information on various flight regimes. If I'm not mistaken we need to look at AOA units and not specified airspeeds to achieve a specific flight regime. In the F-14B NAVAIR Manual at page 14-2, figure 14-1 you can find a table of recommended AOA units for specific drag indexes for various flight conditions. Either it states 'all drag indexes' or 'drag index = 8' & 'drag index = 100' as a flight condition reference. In that document, 'drag index = 8' equals four AIM-7 missiles and 'drag index = 100' equals six AIM-54 missiles and two external tanks. For 'drag index = 8' I assume they use a load-out of four AIM-7's on stations 3, 6, 5 & 4 since in the F-14B NAVAIR pocket checklist on page 223 each of those stations equal a drag index of two. Whereas on stations 1B & 8B it's a drag index 6 per station. Now here comes the confusing part.. in the F-14B NAVAIR pocket checklist drag table, AIM-54's on stations 3 and 4 have a drag index of twelve and eight respectively. The same goes for stations 6 and 5 which also have drag index 12 and 8 respectively. Both stations 1B & 8B have a drag index twelve with the AIM-54. The external fuel tanks both have drag index 10 which includes both tank racks. If we use the values in the pocket checklist; for a load-out of six AIM-54's and two tanks we'd have a total drag index of 84. This excludes the AIM-54 weapons railings on stations 3, 4, 5 and 6 which have a drag index 10 each. If we'd include these railings then we'd have a total drag index of 124. Both of these values (in my opinion) deviate a LOT from the mentioned drag index 100 in the F-14 Manual document. Would anyone know where this discrepancy would come from? I'm trying to write down some reference material for my fellow squad mates and I'd rather present them info as accurate as possibly. Kr, Zane
  4. In my case it was in MP. A friend in the same server also in a cat had CTD's as well when he tried it. He had it multiple times until he figured out it was due to the aforementioned reason.
  5. Entering a steerpoint from the map in the jester menu and then selecting the waypoint causes a CTD since 2.7.
  6. In the beginning of the training mission you're asked to press OSB 14 on the right MFCD to open the MAV page after turning on the EO power. Apparently this has been moved to the left MFCD (where it's visible and accessible) but because of this, the tutorial won't continue even after pressing the spacebar key multiple times. Pressing OSB14 on the right MFCD also does not continue the training.
  7. This will be the issue then. I always used the general comms menu button. Thanks for your assistance.
  8. Hello Spike, I'm currently in M3 but I have experienced some issues so far unfortunately. In M2 & M3 I don't receive feedback from the tanker. I tune the radio to the required frequency, I request form-up multiple times but never get an answer and the baskets don't come out. Manually tuning the radio doesn't work either. Also in M3 I don't see any messages from Overlord. I can see the radio messages of myself and Cold 1-2 but never the reply from Overlord. I do suppose he should give one? Edit: I'm stupid, I never tuned the VHF to 133.000. Hence never getting a reply from Overlord. Tanker issue remains though (probably something on my end as well :P ) Please advise. Kind regards.
  9. A "shit storm in a glass of water"... I paid money for this module mind you, I and many others would like at least some official CLARIFICATION about the situation. If they're able to answer questions in their discord, they can do a public announcement as well. Of course hiding in an enclosed environment (read discord) and let BIGNEWY handle the PR damage control is much easier than doing some effort themselves. RB if you're actually reading this (I hope you guys do), please handle this correctly by informing your customers and make a public statement about your reasoning and intentions regarding this not-so-small change. Show you value your customers above monetary gains.
  10. Okay I understand now. Thank you for the clarification.
  11. What do you mean with the common piece? Clearly something has changed since before this patch my paint scheme was perfect and now this piece is grey. Is there an updated template file or ... ?
  12. Thank you. Today was the second time I experienced it. I can't recall what happened the first time but today it was after I crashed the plane into the ground, I wasn't shot. Hopefully this can be of help.
  13. Sorry for the massive bump, but this bug is still present.
  14. Thank you for your instructions!
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