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  1. Thank you, I’ll have a go at the YouTube video. I have checked my joystick and it seems ok. I’ve reduced the roll, pitch and rudder curves to 20 from 25. I’ve already tried 15 but it didn’t help. Unless you mean something else to check or change? Cheers Rick
  2. Well, Idk and I am pulling my hair out with it. I just cannot stop the thing from going into an uncontrollable left hand spin! I’m in the training missions and doing exactly what the voice says, but as soon as I try to climb it all goes tits up! The rudder is trimmed to the centre of the bubble, but no matter how much aileron trim I put in it still pulls wildly left and eventually I just have to accept my fate. Has anyone else had this? Has anyone else found a solution, because afaik this thing just seems too unstable to be flyable. I know I’ve got a lot to learn but this one is ridiculous! Please help! Cheers Rick
  3. Thanks for the speedy reply mate. How exactly do I rollback to the stable version please?
  4. Hi, I hope I’m not duplicating anything here. Running the new patch 2.5.6 on i7 6700k, 32gb ram much storage space! GTX 1080 GPU. Last week I was getting regular FPS of between 40-80 even in the F16/F18. Now - single figures! The SU25T only returns a max of approx 30fps. I’ve YouTube'd the arse out of this. I've reinstalled nvidia drivers, run them at their default all to no avail. I’ve used Wags' settings in game - no change! I’ve used Spudknockers settings both in game and in the nvidia settings with all sorts of variations - no change! I’ve rolled them vivid a drivers back to the previous version (*.75) - no change! It seems that as soon as I am not running the default aircraft (SU25T) the sim craps out and is unplayable! Any ideas anyone? There’s a lot of money invested in the sim what with addons and it’s simply unusable atm. Cheers Rick Call sign Aries.
  5. My point exactly! Anyway, it’s done now and ED won’t help out with it so I will hang on to my money until the next sale and get it then, as long as there’s a decent discount. If there isn’t then I won’t, simple!
  6. Thanks mate, looks like I haven’t lost out on that at least!
  7. I attempted completion longer than 1.5 hours ago though. Also, I personally have not known online sales that finish at end of business day in whatever country the developer is in, normally it is the physical end of day ie 2359 hours. Thanks anyway for the information about Moscow.
  8. Thanks very much. Luckily, I had brought my old pc out of retirement (been using MacBook) when I first became aware of dcs not too long ago, and discovered it wouldn’t work properly before installing DCS. I did though, install it on my sons pc under my username, but only the base download and not the bargain a10 with Combined Arms which I bought from Amazon beforehand. So, I may well do nothing with those until I get myself another pc, and if I have to deactivate the base DCS then I shall do so. Cheers all. Rick
  9. Thanks mate, well, lesson learned for next time I suppose. I’m certainly not buying it on Steam as it will restrict me like you say. I did genuinely believe that the sale was on until the end of today though. Maybe something for ED to make clearer in future sales if there will be time cutoffs on the dates they state the sale is running. Thanks again, looks like I’m keeping my money for now. Cheers Rick
  10. I agree! I thought it was until the literal end of today.
  11. If I buy it on Steam though, doesn’t that mean I can only use it via Steam and not my standalone download of DCS outside of Steam?
  12. Gang, wtf is going on - I put the av8b into my basket earlier today at the sale price, but didn’t checkout at that point. I’ve just gone into the cart and the price has doubled! I thought the sale was on until the end of today! Is there any appeal to ED about things like this does anyone know? Cheers Rick
  13. Thanks guys, “Yes” his pc is plenty fast enough! How many activations are we allowed then? If I subsequently deactivate one, then am I credited that activation back? Cheers Rick
  14. Hi, My pc is kaput! Until I’ve got the funds to put another one together, I was thinking of using my sons pc for DCS & maybe purchasing one or more aircraft now there is a sale on. Is this possible for me to use and run DCS on my sons pc, then as and when I get one of my own, for me to install and run on that one? I do not intend to try to run DCS on both at the same time btw. Cheers Rick
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