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  1. I haven't used the Alpha so I can't comment on that. I have the CM2, and before that I had the original T-50 Mongoos. I find it very comfortable, the fit of the grip in my hand is perfect and all the buttons are easily reachable and sensibly placed. The height has never been a problem for me as I used to use it centre mounted and now I have it low side mounted with an extension. Works perfectly for both. If the height won't be an issue for you and it's the one you prefer, I'd definitely recommend the Mongoos.
  2. The ammo count is because we have the robbie tank installed. It replaces some of the ammo with more fuel. Later in early access we should be able to remove it and have more ammo instead.
  3. In special settings there's an option to push straight through to lock-out without requiring the detent button pressed. Make sure that's disabled.
  4. Sabre_Ewan

    AH-64D VR

    the in game IPD setting alters the scale. if you have scaling issues, try changing that. it's nothing to do with actual IPD, the name is misleading edit: I scrolled down a bit in the thread and didn't see anyone else mention it. obviously I should have looked further
  5. There's already a hook to hang your suit on. It might get in the way a bit more than the M4 does though. PS. Another account now? Really? (otra cuenta? enserio?)
  6. I could have missed something, but I looked at the instagram and all I saw was the same image that was in the newsletter.
  7. Modules bought on steam will transfer to standalone. You can still use the standalone launcher if you want to, even if you buy everything on steam.
  8. Yep, that's how it appears for me.
  9. Those are for the autopilot channels in the Mi-8 and Mi-24. None of the other helicopters use the same autopilot/trimming system so they won't have those indicators.
  10. Would it really make you feel better if they were sure about February? They were already sure about 2021, December and then January.
  11. I wouldn't be worried if I could afford an old Mini either! They cost more than a lot of modern cars. And they're nicer. The analogy doesn't really seem to fit and it spoils the joke somewhat. PS. the actual point of my message was that his computer is perfectly adequate for DCS and will be able to run it fine, including in VR, and he shouldn't lose any sleep over it despite some people here talking as if a brand new £4000 computer won't be capable of running DCS at more than 10fps
  12. I don't think you need to be concerned. While better optimisation would be nice and would allow some people to run slightly higher settings, the game runs fine now and none of the new maps or aircraft have crippled it. My computer is considerably worse and older than yours, and it's fine. I don't have all settings as high as they'll go, and I don't get 300fps. What I do get is acceptable performance and a pretty game. I'm certainly not worried.
  13. I read this when it came out. I enjoyed it! It's a decent length too, which was nice after finishing Apache Over Libya in a few days of light reading.
  14. The aircraft can be operated from the rear seat, you just can't fire the laser. It cannot be operated purely from the front seat, because you'd never be able to start it up. In my opinion (and that's all it is), the rear seat should be the primary one.
  15. It's supposedly going to be January. If so, you only have about a month to wait.
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