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  1. Can confirm, it is now December
  2. I also agree that we will soon be in December.
  3. I'm not sure why you feel the need to question me. But thanks for the answer none the less! We have a SATAL team, and we use a distinctive livery set to avoid blue-on-blue situations. The issue we have is that the tomcat suddenly changes colour at the 1nm mark, so we're getting false positive IDs
  4. No, the 3 in 1 only goers out to a mile or so. There's another level after that. Check out the standard white or hi vis skins, and zoom out in F2 view. You'll see what I mean.
  5. Hi all, I'm in the middle of making a promo video for our squadron. Everything has been working "ok" for the last week. I did the update this morning, and now the replays require the original mission scripts for the replay for the multiplayer tracks to play properly. I can't see any player aircraft anymore, just support aircraft (tankers, AWACs etc.) Any chance someone could un-break it? Or do I have to down-grade my version of DCS just to replay tracks?
  6. Did anyone manage to nail down where the lod file is that makes all the tomcats go grey at about 1nm? Not the 3 in 1, I've done that, but the one that's for further ranges?
  7. Has anyone managed to find the distant LOD DDS? I have the 3 in 1, but I get to a point where I'm zoomed out, and the skin reverts to grey (even with the stock white and hi vis skins.
  8. Leagues: 4v4 Squadron: Oceanic Combat Group Team Name: Bin Chickens Discord: http://discord.gg/ZmXEBSU Contact person: Burnie (Burnie | Munted#2408)
  9. Has anyone less noticed that smoke pods now seem to G limit the aircraft (even with elastic override) to about 7.6G? And can't jettison the smoke pods either..
  10. Burnie

    Mirage smoke pods

    They also seem to have a G Limit effect now, can't pull more than ~7.4G even with the elastic override since the update.
  11. I've seen a lot more stutters and drops in frame rate (especially around air bases) in VR. It happened at the same time as the DCS update, windows update, Nvidia update and Steam VR update, so I thought I'd hang back, monitor the forums and let someone else do the hard yards.
  12. Oceanic Combat Group is currently taking applications for the May 2021 intake. G'day guys and girls, OCG is a fun and friendly group that focuses on real life training and the RAAF doctrine. We will teach you everything from airfield operations through to advanced dogfighting and BVR skills, and have a few laughs along the way. We meet every Wednesday night for a group meeting and training from 19:45 AEST. We require a reasonable level of commitment to training, and expect trainees to complete their 101 & 102 training within 4 months of joining. All candidates should have a good working knowledge of a fast jet airframe, have the Persian Gulf map, and be able to attend the Wednesday night sessions on a regular basis. Come and say "hi" in our Discord channel, and feel free to jump on any of our public servers! More info on the website: https://oceaniccombatgroup.com.au/ Discord: http://discord.gg/ZmXEBSU Application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSePuf0rCeV2PFTXTOfBjNCGgVVeOQ2Pzfz9G-ZQz3hAR32j2g/viewform(edited)
  13. I think I've stubled upon a bug. I've created a mission on the Syria map where I want a predator to draw fire from AAA without being shot down. I have a mixture of rapiers, ZSU-57s and 8.8cm Flak on the ground. If I leave the drone without an immortal setting, all the ground units will fire on it. If I put immortal(on), either as a waypoint action or a called action, the ZSUs stop firing at it. The rapiers and Flak still fire at it though.
  14. Hi, I'm a noob when it comes to scripting, but I've got Basman's script working well on an air race. I have 2 issues I'm hoping someone can help with. 1. If a player crashes, and respawns, they are still listed as being in the race area, and cannot reinitialise the start of the race. 2. I'm using comms towers, and if pilots crash into them, they can get destroyed. Is there a way to make all the comms towers immortal? TIA.
  15. Hey Bignewy, any update on when this might get a fix?
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