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  1. Thats awesome you guys both served, its crazy watching the giant ship move up and down like that, and imagining landing on it seems unreal. Bobby
  2. Here is the link to that documentary he has a small cameo in, its actually a cool PBS documentary about Navy Carrier operations, watching the ship bounce up and down makes being a Navy pilot not look as fun as it should lol
  3. awesome. Ya seems like a lot of DCS guys on the channel now . I just recently realize He was in a documentary for PBS about carriers called Pitching Decks, and he was also interviewed on aircrew channel.
  4. Ya I love the Mig Kills, I also like the Video Q/A section Bobby
  5. Awesome, I hope you enjoy the channel as much as i do! Bobby
  6. I agree brotha, I have almost listened to all of the series, the channel is really gold ! Thanks \ Bobby
  7. Oh ok that's cool man, lets hope for a video in the future. Thanks Bobby
  8. lol ya i think that would be cool as well, I have told him what it is so he knows DCS is a Sim, He is still flying so he is busy plus trying to launch his youtube podcast, But I am sure in the future we could send him links of game-play and see what he thinks of the systems. Also the cool thing about his youtube channel is we can ask questions and he will answer or make a video of Q/A. Bobby
  9. No problem brother, please spread the word ! Bobby
  10. Awesome Quigon, but he wants to move majority of his podcasts and videos to the youtube Platform,as its easier to handle and get a youtube community behind the channel/website! So growing the youtube subscriber base, and getting people involved in the comment section with questions and ideas is welcomed. Regards Bobby
  11. Ya i have thought about that, or maybe send him links to a DCS video and ask him a question about that function. Bobby
  12. Wonderful brother! thanks for subbing he has some great interviews and Q/A shows he will be doing here soon.
  13. Awesome Greek, ya the info and content he is dishing out is priceless! spread the word brother! He is new to the youtube thing so I thought the DCS community can help this guy get the subscribers he deserves. Bobby
  14. Thank you for subscribing! now that the F-18 module is out its a cool feeling to know we could actually ask a real F-18 pilot questions about it lol His channel came at the perfect time! Just spread the word so we get more subscribers and motivate him to make more videos!
  15. Man thanks I knew our community would love this channel! please spread the word! Bobby
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