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  1. Went to bed after the sortie but I'll check it out! In the first hop across the channel the AI rapidly slowed to about 140 when making level turns on the flight plan then sped up after the turn. It was quite shocking when sitting in formation with them. . Cheers!
  2. Spoiler Alert!!! What happedned on the 3rd sortie??? I was in formation coming back across the channel with a kill and another damaged. There were a whack of Spits behind us as we were the lead formation and the next thing I know I'm being shot up from close range and had to ditch. It's like a 190 spawned right behind me. It was much easier to stay with the flight on this hop compared to the first escort mission as the AI kept proper speeds this time. Nice work and looking forward to seeing what the other missions have in store.
  3. Shepski

    F-16EX Desk Mount

    How I miss my FLCS/TQS! Hi Matt!
  4. If the tires had as much rolling resistance as you assume it would greatly increase take off distance which sacrifices payload on shorter runways so I don't think the tires have a noticeable effect. The Su-27 is similar to the F-15 in all regards with the exception of avionics so if Eagle pilots have to ride the brakes taxiing at idle thrust do you not think the Flanker should be able to taxi at idle thrust too? If the Su-27 had to taxi with more than idle thrust it would waste a lot of fuel on the ground prior to take-off which is the primary reason jets are designed to taxi at idle thrust.
  5. Yup. We taxi the 737 at idle thrust and if we are light we have to ride the brakes to keep our speed down. The Learjet was taxied at idle thrust as well. Think of the amount of thrust coming from the huge engines on the Flanker, even at idle, and the rolling resistance of the jet. I wouldn't be surprised if they have to ride the brakes. Read the bit here on taxiing the F-15... https://books.google.ca/books?id=oJ6wvqUMWkUC&pg=PT13&lpg=PT13&dq=f-15+eagle+taxi+at+idle+thrust?&source=bl&ots=uFLRLxqCa5&sig=KYmGMoPGAHKD_xnNriQEIVUQCoI&hl=en&sa=X&ei=FtsZVeXgFYy0sAT3moKoBg&ved=0CCUQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=f-15%20eagle%20taxi%20at%20idle%20thrust%3F&f=false
  6. Hi Rich! I have seen videos as well and this Russian Knights video, after making a 90 degree turn you see thrust being added(nozzle movement) in order to get to get momentum back. This is normal because you slow down for sharper turns. In DCS you can't taxi in a straight line at idle thrust once you are at taxi speed. It feels like the brakes are being applied and you are slowed and stopped. Watch the following video of a Flanker at taxi speed and idle thrust taxiing in a straight line followed by a Falcon at idle thrust.
  7. There is too much drag after the jet starts rolling at taxi speed. you should be able to taxi at idle thrust once you have momentum. The strength of the tires is poorly modeled and there is no way they should be blowing so easily. The 2 bugs could be related in that there is too much friction drag associated with the modeling of the tires which is why the jet slows down too quickly and the tires blow too easily.
  8. Use route following plus alt hold "h" together for lateral and vertical NAV.
  9. Shepski

    15's day

    I`ve been searching and can`t find it.
  10. I was happy it was cruising at 830. This a proper cruise speed. My issue is with it cruising at 480 which is much too slow at that altitudes. I found out there is an error in the english Su-27 cockpit mod as it under reads the correct mach number so .6 mach was incorrect as stated above.
  11. Not a chance. The AP should works fine on an ILS approach at approach speeds with no wobble.
  12. Not if you go fast enough to stop the wobble. :) I have been able to use Route following combined with alt hold to effortlessly navigate laterally and vertically as long as I keep the speed up. The route following is a little too aggressive in capturing a track and doesn't turn early enough when switching waypoints but I just switch it myself earlier to get a smoother transition. I have also been able to use the attitude hold and altitude/bank hold.
  13. I believe it is whatever mode is selected on the dial on the forward left side console.
  14. After flying the A-50 escort mission in the Ultimate Argument campaign where I had to escort an A-50 to 9000m altitude, I had to go into afterburner to keep up with the A-50 in the climb once above 7000m. I haven't tried this scenario with an empty jet but this doesn't seem right with a loaded one. Edit... just tried at test at 9000m after climbing from take-off with full fuel. Got to altitude and needed to maintain afterburner to hold cruise at .80Mach IAS. I dumped all the missiles and still needed afterburner, although the EGT was a little less in order to maintain .80Mach. Funny thing is when I went to an external fly-by the jet was supersonic. Why would it be supersonic at .80Mach IAS?
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