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  1. I'm brainstorming some ideas of how such a mod/module would be designed. At the easiest level, it would not be multicrew and have only a single location to issue orders to the rest of the crew. Obviously the player would be the captain of the ship, but what location would the player be in? Would it be the navigation bridge? The conning tower? The CEC?
  2. So as far as armament is concerned, the only thing missing in-game is the Mk 143 Armored Box Launcher for the BGM-109?
  3. Removable glove pylons... is this request specific to Iran? Were they/could they be removed from USN jets?
  4. Are you guys planning to discuss any of the new features prior to the update, or is it supposed to be a surprise?
  5. Yeah I don't know why the roadmap shows only 3 upcoming modules. But HB stated multiple times that there are 4 upcoming modules, 2 of which are unannounced and will come before the A-6. IronMike stated this in the Eurofighter merger thread.
  6. Isn't this basically asking them to confirm it? If they don't respond at all, will you assume they ARE making it?
  7. Very cool, I'm glad to hear that you guys have at least considered it!
  8. Earlier today, IronMike stated in the TrueGrit subforum that HB loves to see our wishes concerning AI assets. From what I recall, they already stated that they don't intend to add any naval assets to the F-14 module (other than the Forrestals). In the last couple weeks, I noticed threads in the ED forum and Hoggit asking for Iowa-class battleships to be added to DCS World. Without discussing the real-world usefulness/effectiveness of battleships, I personally would find their inclusion in DCS to be really immersive (particularly in 1980s USN battlegroups). So here's the question: Assuming the 1980s Iowa-class battleship is never a free AI asset, would you folks be interested in HB developing it as a paid asset? I would be happy for any 3rd-party dev to model it, but it fits best within HB's wheelhouse, so to speak (F-14, A-6, Forrestal).
  9. I don't know how to quote from another thread because I'm not that smart, but IronMike said in HB's Eurofighter announcement thread that it is NOT either of the two next gen modules.
  10. I personally am not that interested in a naval F-4, but I agree that HB would be the perfect dev for it!
  11. Uhh, I don't know much about the Rafale, but I would assume there's a LOT that's different underneath the hood, so to speak.
  12. My money would be on the J35J Draken and F-4J Phantom II, but my heart still hopes for an F-14D Super Tomcat :')
  13. Geez Ugra, you guys are knocking it out of the park with Syria
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