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  1. Would be great o include the Phinal luftwaffe F-4 special shemes, not speaking of the colorfull ones just the Retro paintet JG71 Norm Camo ones, 38+10, 38+33 and the Standard Norm 90 37+22
  2. Thinking of getting the F18 stick, but since i switch modules Pretty often, what happens if i fly Hornet with Hornet Stick and switch Profile for example to Mi-8 and left the Hornet stick on? First do the profile switching without specific hornet Mapping work in general? Second, do keep the buttons its positions? like trigger is still trigger etc.? or is there a "pattern" in switches buttons? I assume Hat 2 and Hat 3 stuff will be pretty messed up?
  3. I know got the opposite, sat the cargo softly down and it exploded. But no audio file, mission did also not proceed after landing at the oil rig
  4. Did the same mistake, in mission 4 you are supposed to land on the Subbase and not the airfield. I simply overlooked it in the briefing
  5. Slingload for hip is still broken in the stable version, only fixed in the current open beta. Also mission end trigger location is the same parking spot where you started. No Ned for landing on the runway.
  6. Noise_1 with value 1.5 looks quiet good. but looking trough landnoise for autumn it looks like this: :
  7. can you explain a bit more ? how does they interact with each other? why is Noise 1 so much different to Noise 2?
  8. trying with the lines from Original lua (3 and 256) looks like its loading Noise_1, the caro pattern remains but way smaler
  9. i deleted also the FXO metashader, not looking good now
  10. There is a pattern of different shaded squares, looks like a layer of the texture is way to low resolution. In the headset it stands even more out.
  11. Bug Report: The same type of Artifact from the Old Hange appear now on a type of Ground Texture, its even more Prominent Inside the VR headset. Location for Referenz, only Ground tex mod after cleanup loaded, only testet Autumn so far, latest 2021ver.
  12. How does the new winter fit with stuff like the Crew Campaign?
  13. Hey its me, the Hangar Guy again The said Hangar is also the VR menue, in the Wip textures it has lots of artifacts inside. OEM for comparison.
  14. Lots of similar references in this post and on this side: https://www.sightraider.com/soviet-airbases-in-the-gdr/
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