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  1. Thanks for all the tips. I definitely didn't know that you have to initiate pre contact, if you fall back to much... For controls I have Thrustmaster T1600m flight pack. I'll incorporate all advices here, especially about shifting views and report back here after a while...
  2. Yes, made pre-contact.. Guess need to practice more...
  3. This is I managed to put together after 5 or 6 six hoursk of practicing. Would you please look at video - it is trimmed only to about a minute length and give me some advices, how to finally catch this son of a basket... I try about ten times per flight and then I give up...
  4. This one I made after three weeks of learning how to handle this beast... Thank you Heatblur for this wonderfull piece of software... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZSLWfNVTKI
  5. Well, anyway: yesterday I tried to launch with almost fully loaded (about 95% max takeof weight), with throttle at 90% rpm and there was no blackout. Carrier had speed 25kt and wind speed was 10 kt - upwind. Perhaps here is the catch: if indicated air speed of cairrer is to low, catapult has to give you to large acceleration...
  6. Yes indeed, it was that. Thank you. Well I didn't launch with full afteburner - with about 100% rpm.... Admin, please move from bugs section... @TOViper It seems, that we had to much trust even with not full afterburner, mil power is about 90% rpm, or you can check it on thorttle, there is a mark when it is at mil power...
  7. When F14, fully loaded is launched from dcs supercarrier I experince second or two blackout. I found about two years old topic in F18 section about this problem.. Is it still a DCS bug or something else...?
  8. One, perhaps ''weird'' question... Yesterday I tried to dogfight with roll SAS of, but when I turned sas back on, during landing on hud there was no path vector indicator (I had landing hud set).. Could that be, because I manouver to violently and broke something, or there is something else...?
  9. Hi guys. I'm wondering why according to manuls and Chuck's guide approach has to be started with wing sweep 68°. 2nd question: why speed break has to be on from breaking turn. Landing is possible with 15 AoA units, without above conditions completed... Well I'm still strugling to land this beast properly - just bought module a week ago...
  10. Sorry for oftopic, just bought module the other day. Is pitbull indicator already implented (blinking timer)?
  11. Currently I'm on old version of drivers, and I have no problem... But 18th of August is coming and a lot of us are going to update drivers then... So can we expect a fix till end of August...?
  12. Hi guys, I remember, that sometimes were in dcs folder structure a lot of sound files, with generic messages, like eg: ''target acuired'', ''target destroyed'', etc... I can't find those files. I haven't played with mission editor for some time... Perhaps ED had with some update deleted those files..
  13. Thanks, only now I saw it, that it was reported in another thread.... I guess we'll try to forget 10th of June update as soon as possible... :D Btw, I'm not talking only about Mig21... :|
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