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  1. Thank you gentlemen! At fifth attempt have completed this story. Been orbiting right over Kutaisi TACAN having MiGs in 10-15 miles away, had a good lock on one and kill with 9X. Many minutes after MiGs disappeared from RWR but i had no further instructions and been flying and flying around. Getting low at fuel after full-throttle runaway and evading MIGs had to land at Kutaisi to borrow some gas. Took off then and headed to mother Stennis. And over the shore line suddenly received a message the sky is clear of MiGs and i'm free to go home, had recovery with fireworks and music and completed this great campaign. Oops, sorry me if here's the spoilers. Despite this stuck at the final part of the pretty long mission the campaign was entirely fun. Want to thank the campaign creators and wish them to create new ones!
  2. Tried for the fourth time and again, got killed by R-73 right over the Kutaisi airfield. Been flying as instructed at 20000 feet, the air defense shot one Hawk missile with no result.
  3. Have made three attempts to run away from four MiG-29s chasing me when trying to get Kutaisi airbase. Going supersonic on burners all the way last flight and had reached the Kutaisi AF at last. But being instructed to stay overhead the field have turned on MiGs and got R-73 with no RWR spike, like two tryouts before. Want to overcome this mission already and have no idea should i merge with all the MiGs with 2 Fox-2s and gun or what?
  4. Have popped out the cap on my Super Taurus and realised that it turned a bit. Does everyone's TDC aligned this way?
  5. There're PDFs to download at Wwsimstore site. Some external dimensions are in them.
  6. The solution was to get Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable x86 for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 installed. That was the laptop with fresh Windows lacking such components...
  7. Just installed SimApp Pro 1.4.22 on another Windows 10 computer and having this error. Anyone had it?
  8. I'd prefer LIMIT and OFFSET buttons for ALR-67 control instead of power switch. And hope they fix "CRT" typo! And also markings COM1/2 better be COMM 1/2 like the real Hornet has.
  9. I can see through the throttles brushes red indicator slowly flashing. In the dark i can see the same flashing from the switches panel when backlight is set off. Does everybody have these red LEDs flashing? Or is it a warning state or something?
  10. Couple of first days with Taurus i had APU indicator working in a strange way. It flickered at first before start to light and the light was extremely bright even on a half of brightness setting. For now the LED gives NO light no matter sync with cockpit or just testing in WinWing software. The panel backlight works great and pretty with no issues. Still in hope it is a software/firmware problem or just a matter to replace the LED and not a more serious component... But nobody have faced the same LED problems? Thank you for any advice.
  11. I guess the spacers should help. But thought they are not necessary and just for adjusting hand palm ergonomics. Have you set them from begin?
  12. Got my Taurus today and just assembled it. Doesn't anybody have the same problem as mine: two grips have collision after getting split positions and trying to get coupled again?
  13. Оч круто! А нет пока такой возможности сделать, чтобы между первым и вторым положениями легко щелкало, а на третье уже как-то по особому вытягивать нужно было? Типа аварийный выпуск.
  14. Hmmm... Thank you! But i have noticed if i use these settings i get texture 21.3 MB size. Just to compare with stock DCS Hornet textures which are 10.6 MB. If i use settings as below i have exactly the same texture size of 10.6 MB (11,184,952 bytes)
  15. Thank you with fonts question gentlemen! Now the things are much more clear for me! Have another beginner's question i can't find the answer on Forum. What are the correct settings for Intel dds export plugin? There a lot of settings...
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