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  1. Vibora

    VR pilot body

    We are going to change the pilot body for a new model, together with Mirage F1's pilot, so it's not worth to work on it now.
  2. Yes, both need to be looked at. That's what I passed to ED.
  3. Thanks Kontiuka. Passed to ED.
  4. Yes, we have made changes in missiles code that also fixed the all aspect issue. We should have added it to the changelog. I'll ask ED to include it in the changelog. More adjustements will follow later on for older IR seeker versions.
  5. Can you please check it in latest OB update Txs.
  6. DCS DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev Fixed bombs arming logic. If fuze is not armed bombs can be dropped and they do not explode IR missiles are now functional again after in-game rearming
  7. Thank you. I can't reproduce. In any case, I'm confident it will be fixed in next update, that should be ED's hotfix.
  8. It is in our to-do list since long, but we'll have to do it later on, we are too busy with Mirage F1 right now.
  9. We have just made tests in our internal version and all works OK, we just noticed that missiles weren't working and we fixed it. Maybe you can be more specific with the issues you see? In any case, we will commit the fixes to ED to be included in next hotfix.
  10. We have solved some issues already, and we'll try to have it all fixed for next ED's hotfix. Thank you for your feedback. If there's anything else to report please let us know asap.
  11. This is our chagelog included in latest OB update (DCS Open Beta Not much but as you know we are currently working hard on Mirage F1: DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev Fixed a bug in C-101 where the 2nd pilot was never killed by oxygen lack Fixed IFR 2.1 mission (ED changed runway designator from 08 to 07) C-101CC: R550 Magic 2 missile have got an unique lock tone sound C-101CC: Updated Sidewinder lock tone sound Fixed conflicting animation in the rear cockpit. It was related to the external 3D model helmet animation
  12. Vibora

    About Mirage F1

    Yes, don't worry, no need to send Manchego cheese, that already passed enough tests
  13. Vibora

    About Mirage F1

    I'll have to seriously think about it! Or do not think, just do it
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