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  1. Very pity... maybe next time, yes.. I really do not understand why guys do not wish to participate in these cool unique events
  2. That looks not so great with numbers of the blue pilots... Will we fly anyway or does it matter?
  3. ROSS_Pups ROSS_Gorillaz ROSS_Baron von Myakin MiG-21
  4. ROSS_Pups ROSS_Gorillaz ROSS_Baron von Myakin Mig-21bis Gimme more MiGs
  5. @Alpenwolf should we maybe run a stress-test of the mission this weekend, to see how smooth it'll runing for the participators?
  6. ROSS_Baron von Myakin MiG-21bis
  7. ROSS_Baron von Myakin - MiG-21bis
  8. Jumping on to a departing train at the last moment… Let me introduce my semi-fictional.. or semi-historical.. whatever!.. skin for the P-47D. That’s the real painting of the P-47D but from the Razorback model what was flying by the 1st Lt. Arlie J. Blood from the 510th FS, 405th Fighter Group in 1944, England. That was a bit difficult to find photos and needed details of this machine so it has taken more time for me to create the skin as I had planned it before. Anyway I hope you like it. Link: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315373/
  9. Thanks a lot @Alpenwolf for the great efforts of this so interesting event and @104th_Maverick for the cool funny streaming of it as usual! Thanks to all participants for good fights as well, that was a honor to fight with and against you! I guess I won't be wrong if I say that it was one of the best - or probably the best one - round from all what I participated since the 4th one in. There was enough intensive action, great visibility, perfect ranges and good cooperation inside our group - just what the doctor ordered Let's keep it going! This round shown from my Ka-50's cockpit:
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