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  1. Flappie and I did some testing of Voice Chat. It did not work in the F/A-18C for either one of us. We tested it in the F-16 and it did work for me, but not him. So not sure what the problem is and we are still troubleshooting. I did not have to open any new ports in my router or firewall. Edit: I should clarify that it does work in the F-18 in room mode for both of us, but we could not get it to work in radio mode. The F-16 worked in both room mode and radio mode for me.
  2. Is it really necessary to open TCP and UDP port 10309 on my router for Voice Chat to work? Do these ports also have to be opened in Windows Firewall? I can't hear my own voice or receive incoming voices in Voice Chat.
  3. The attached track shows both issues - ACLS Mode 1 not working with wingmen, and weird wingmen behavior when landing on the super carrier. After landing on the carrier, almost immediately two AI wingmen aircraft were present stopped on the runway behind me. They seemed to be teleported to the deck. One of them pulled up and crashed into me as I was taxiing off the runway. I ejected at that point. Not sure if the attached track will show this problem correctly, since there are still ongoing bugs and issues with watching tracks. F-18C ACLS 4.trk
  4. I think that I have figured out my No. 2 issue posted above. Mode 1 hands-free ACLS does not seem to work when wingmen are present in the mission. I have tested this issue on different maps. When flying as a single aircraft, Mode 1, CMD CNT and CPL P/R work correctly and the aircraft will land hands-free. Also, with wingmen in a mission I have seen weird behavior such as two AI aircraft landing one behind the other on the carrier deck, so that two aircraft are present on the runway. Additionally wingmen will taxi into the player aircraft on the runway. I am using the most current open beta version and the super carrier. The missions that I have been flying to test these issues were created by myself in the mission editor. So it looks like two bugs are present. I have a track of the ACLS issues included in my above post, but did not save a track with the wingmen issues. Maybe someone else can confirm these findings.
  5. Ok, interesting that CPL TCN is not used in the stack, seems like good technique to maintain correct lateral guidance just like in a holding pattern. Regarding my second issue, any insight on why i can't get hands-free P/R to activate?
  6. Thanks for the information. Is this functionality documented anywhere? I was unable to find information about this in the Manual, and Matt Wagner's video did not explain this in depth. Why does CPLD HDG mode want to send the aircraft in the wrong direction? Is there a way to activate CPLD TCN mode so that I can intercept the inbound course to the carrier? I already have TCN boxed on the HSI.
  7. I have two issues when flying a Case III instrument approach using ACLS in hands-off, Mode 1. 1. First problem is when entering the marshal stack. I was instructed by Air Traffic Control to marshal on the 173 degree radial at 23 DME from the carrier. So I setup my tacan with the 353 degree radial for the inbound course to the carrier. I flew a heading to intercept the 353 radial, and when I was about 2 miles from the 353 radial I turned on autopilot CPL mode to intercept the radial. That worked fine, and the course was intercepted by the autopilot and I was established on the 353 radial inbound to the carrier. At 23 DME I went to heading mode and did a left, 180 degree course reversal to a heading of 173, and started flying outbound in the holding pattern. After several minutes of flying outbound I turned left to a heading of about 030 to intercept the 353 degree radial inbound to the carrier once again in preparation for commencing the approach. Once again within about 2 miles of the inbound course I turned on autopilot CPL mode to intercept the 353 radial, however, this is where I encountered a problem and possible bug. In CPL mode the autopilot turned the aircraft outbound toward 173 degrees (which is not correct) rather than intercepting the course and proceeding inbound on the 353 degree radial (as it did correctly when I first entered the Marshal Stack). 2. The second problem is that I can never get ACLS Mode 1 to activate. When I turn on Auto Throttle (ATC) and autopilot CPL at 6.0 DME from the carrier, the Mode 1 CPL P/R never activates. The Link 4 page shows ACL ready Mode 1, and it never goes to CMD CNT. The HUD always shows CPL HDG and the aircraft never automatically flies the glideslope hands-free to touchdown on the carrier. If I stay hands-free the aircraft will end up crashing into the ocean. I have attached a TRK file to show both of the issues mentioned above. F-18C ACLS 3.trk
  8. Thanks for the info. Yes this is a mission I set up on the Nevada map. I also created a mission on the Marianas map prior to posting here and did exactly as you said. I added zero's however it put the target point in the ocean, so I figured I was doing something incorrectly. My understanding is the Apache requires 8 digits. I will try this again on the Nevada map.
  9. I have been trying to use a JTAC to lase targets for the hellfire with no success. I created a target point using the coordinates that the JTAC gave me, however the coordinates are in the following format: PB645283. How can I convert those coordinates into something that can be entered into the Apache TSD?
  10. Thanks, I figured this out a while ago. That was the issue; the Documents folder was not writable.
  11. I have read through the Tacview support pages, uninstalled and re-installed Tacview, however the software will not record DCS flights. I have the Tacview Advanced 64-bit with a license. My DCS log file is attached. It shows error code 29 associated with Tacview, but not sure what this means. TacView DCS Log.txt
  12. The Up/Down Long and Left/Right Long commands to control altitude and heading lack the ability for fine, precise control. Maybe this could be changed so that each click of a control button moves in increments of 5. The airspeed adjustments work ok because each click of a control button changes in increments of 50.
  13. I am also having a lot of difficulty with the slew rate of the targeting cursor. I have a CH Products Pro Throttle and am using the mini-joystick. The cursor moves on its own without any input. I have tried to adjust all of the settings (deadzone, curve, saturation, etc..) but have not found a combination that improves cursor control. Does anyone have axis tune settings for the mini-joystick that may help this issue? I really don't understand what the saturation values are supposed to do. This does not have anything to do with helicopter movement, as I have been trying to hit targets with the aircraft in Active Pause mode during my training.
  14. I purchased a build from NZXT this past December 2020, which shipped with a Nvidia ZOTAC RTX 3070 TWIN EDGE OC. After a few weeks of minimal use, I noticed a small amount of artifacting on my screen (small black squares, in random locations on my screen), and then my display resolution reverted to a larger scale on reboot. I didn't know the significance of this issue at the time, so I reinstalled my Nvidia graphics drivers, and the resolution went back to normal for a while. Then a short time later my computer locked up while playing DCS and crashed. I ran the OCCT tool on reboot and the VRAM test on the graphics card failed. So, turns out the graphics card was failing. I contacted NZXT and dealt with their tech support multiple times on chat. Couldn't reach anyone on the phone. I ended up shipping my whole rig back to them to have everything checked out and the graphics card replaced. It was a big hassle dealing with their tech support and super frustrating. Many people I chatted with while trying to get my rig repaired and shipped back to me in a timely manner were clueless, and couldn't tell me the status of my rig or when it would be sent back to me. I asked to speak with a manager multiple times and a manager never contacted me. Finally after a few weeks, my rig was shipped back to me with a new graphics card and no charge to me. This time with a Nvidia MSI RTX 3070 VENTUS 2X OC. Once again after a few weeks of minimal use while playing DCS I saw artifacting on my display and the computer crashed. So there went graphics card number 2. Kaput, no bueno, piece of junk. Once again I contacted NZXT on chat after multiple conversations, It was agreed that they would send me a new 3070 in a few days after I sent them payment for the new card. I asked them to expedite the process and I hope to receive the new card today. They said that my money for the new card will be refunded once I ship the failed card back to them. They also sent me a $50 refund, as a gesture of good faith for the hassle I have been through. This time I will replace the graphics card myself instead of shipping the whole rig back. The NZXT tech support told me that Nvidia and AMD are having a lot of problems with their manufacturing process and that they have seen a lot of failed 3000 series cards. So I just wanted to share my experience with purchasing a rig build from NZXT, and am wondering if anyone else has heard about this situation or experienced failed Nvidia 3070 -> 3090 cards?
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