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  1. I'm not sure if I'm causing it, but I'm attempting to use the AKG at night and the image quality seems to vary a lot and change based wide/narrow FOV. When in wide the image is extremely washed out and I have a hard time getting my bearings, but then in narrow the view is much crisper and has contrast. Though I've also noticed a difference between shots as well. Request if the performance shift from wide to narrow is as intended or if there is some sort of rendering bug.
  2. When entering a new airframe the UI layer bindings (I've mapped the Left and Right clicks to buttons on my throttle) don't work. After opening the control binding menu, and opening the drop down tab for UI Layer, the bindings are fully functional.
  3. In MP with multiple player controlled ground vehicles when one player attempts to engage with IR missiles, the tone is sometime heard by all players and may or may not stop once the missile is launched or lock is lost. This causes the locked or search noise to be played in all JTACs ears continuously until another IR search/lock is attempted which may or may not clear the tone.
  4. Dust trails are visible at extreme ranges and provide oversimplified cueing. When a vehicle creates a dust cloud they are actually easier to spot from far away because if you exceed the draw distance of the trees it is the only object rendered on the terrain. It can actually be harder to find the target with a TGP because the zoom normally causes the trees to render and obscure the target. Recommend matching dust render distance to tree/clutter render distance.
  5. Recently in MP on Syria map, RB15s would launch normally, fly to Bx7 and Bx8 normally with decent at ~Bx6 as expected but on the terminal phase after apparent target acquisition and an initial evasive maneuver rb15 descended into the water and destroyed itself. I don't think I'm doing anything different that I used to, and Bx9 was set WAY behind the target. Any troubleshooting ideas or assistance would be appreciated.
  6. I've had a lot of trouble getting over the 300-400kph hump climbing out at mil power even with what I consider to be a relatively like load (no center tank and rb75x4) Once the plane gets to 400-450kph and the AOA gets knocked down life is good, but even at sea level it's just felt anemic while trying to climb out.
  7. I'm trying to figure out the max take off weight for a dry take off. I've been experimenting but can seem to climb out without afterburner under most circumstances.
  8. The hot keys work for me, but not the clickable button, though I do get the cursor change when I mouse over it.
  9. The basic mechanics for being able to have a submarine dive and surface are so close to being complete. I have been waiting to build a mission where you have to find a submarine transiting on the surface before it hits the dive point, or that surfaces either after taking damage from a surface ship or something to that effect, but there are several problems the most significant of which are: The AI doesn't act on depth change orders assigned to WP, depth can only be changed as a game master The AI will continuously dive deeper regardless of depth ordered by game master, unless ordered depth is 0, then unit surfaces. Wake remains visible regardless of unit depth A nice to have would be to add some scopes and better control of which weapons would be used for attack.
  10. Very much looking forwards to this being added in the future. Is there a list that spells out the currently modeled capability/equipment of each vehicle? Once the M1A1 is on the scene, good chance that the GBU-12 isn't really needed anymore.
  11. Would be an amazing addition and a very unique mission set.
  12. It does seem strange to me that you can only monitor one frequency at a time, especially for an aircraft that is likely to be communicating with command, air, and ground forces simultaneously.
  13. I couldn't get it to work either, hopefully in a near future patch.
  14. I tried the settings as described above and was still unable to get water to flow. It may have been damaged as well, obviously its hard to know what is damaged, its probably also not a great sign that I get hit enough to retry this frequently. But not matter what settings I had, and even at very low weights, water was static and the J polygon hits very quickly.
  15. Does anyone have the casualty procedure for a JPTL failure? It seems to be a fairly common failure when damaged, I have been able to get back to the boat a few times with this failure, but have been unable to work out how to get enough engine power to land. The JPTL seems to be tied into the water injection system, though even dry I seem to start getting the J polygon at much lower power settings especially as drop airspeed during the approach to the boat.
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