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  1. I am afraid the AI currently has good eyesight and can see through clouds! Difficult problem to solve.
  2. Tests carried out at Duxford Airfield you can see aircraft doing an air display from 5nm and at say a height of say 2000ft. In the air, head-on, you should be able to see an approaching P51 at 2nm. That is why the target lock command was added, as an alternative to using labels.
  3. http://www.amazon.co.uk/DCS-P51D-Mustang-PC-DVD/dp/B00BEQNUZ6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361730985&sr=8-1 Retail version includes a video "How to fly a P51D in real life" - worth £19.99.
  4. Yes - there is a motion platform, and it works with DCS titles. See - http://www.d-box.com/gaming/en/
  5. Remember - to fly FC2 or FC3, you must have purchased and installed Lock On http://fighter-collection.com/cft/tfc-flight-sim-shop-europe/
  6. The boxed version of DCS P51D is now available: http://fighter-collection.com/cft/tfc-flight-sim-shop-europe/ It has a "value-add" of a 45 minute video of the history of the P51D and explanation by Ethel on how to fly the aircraft. As it ships from our UK office, please allow 28 days for delivery.
  7. How did you like the video - Roaring Glory Warbirds"?
  8. This is the download UK version of DCS:P51D. Just Flight is a download distributor
  9. The English boxed version will become available in Europe in mid December. In manufacturing now.
  10. It is planned that there will be a boxed version, but may not be until late December.
  11. Yes I agree - I have an amateur modified stick (which I first got for Black Shark). It is about 1.5 ft long. The difference is quite remarkable and close to real life (flown a T6 a couple of times).
  12. Incorrect. Third parties are being encouraged to develop 2ndWW aircraft.
  13. As FC2 was published on DVD, it is highly likely that so will be FC3. However, I can not give any dates. Let us finish the code first!
  14. I will let the experts answer! But I think that when running DCS on a LAN, you do not have to have a continuous internet connection. You just need a one time call via cellphone, then close the connection.
  15. The current terrain engine can not handle the increased size of adding Crimea. We will have to wait for the new engine EDGE.
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