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  1. to be honest, I'm not looking for a workaround. I'm going to wait for the fix. I have an entire mod (DSMC), that I won't run on other scripts as mist or else, of thousands lines of code... and it must be reliable as rock solid or else it won't work. I can't rework one of the core brick of the mod due to a reported bug... since it's reported, I assume this is a recognized bug and it will be fixed.
  2. This should not going to work if the objects is not spawned, cause birth event don't fire on units already present in the mission file except for aircrafts.
  3. The point is the "fact", what we're asking for is a call on unit deaths to be able to make a distinction between (for example) a static BTR-82A killed and a unit BTR-82A killed. And for many script/mod this is a very important thing.
  4. The point is that the first shouldn't be a category 3 static, if it was a unit it should be category 1. From hoggit: Object.Category UNIT 1 WEAPON 2 STATIC 3 BASE 4 SCENERY 5 Cargo 6
  5. AFAIK can't be done now, cause it's a feature related to the 3 model. Once and if the model will add this features, there are few countries liveries that might take advantage about it (i.e. Italian and Spanish livery also have tail numbers or vertical stabilizer serial numbers).
  6. This is almost incredible, really. Fantastic work!
  7. Adding here the fictional italian army livery inspired by the AVES (Aviazione dell'Esercito) AW-129 Mangusta livery, post 2012: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3322053/ Also, in the bottom of the post, the links for 8 "single tail number" helicopters in the same livery with pilots patch of the 7° regiment "Vega", 48° Group "Pavone" (not for the competition). I made this pack to allow those groups or friends who want different tail numbers to have them, while I'll update the main generic livery if bort numbers become available. This skin has been a journey for me, I wasn't making liveries since... maybe 10 years. In fact, I wouldn't be able to do that without my squadron mate _NightWolf_, which share with me the skin work: I made the helicopters textures, and he made the pilots. Quite a fantastic teamwork. Also, with the help of EL_LEJI, who provided a lot of help in the process. To be as close as possibile to the real counterparts, we used the template taking advantage of both roughtmets layers and text masks. The livery feature: - base diffuse colours and roughtness tryng to match the correct colours in different lightning conditions - customized text to reflect the AW-129 markings, like very low-vis text but more reflective paintings, and conversion of fuel volume from gallons to liters - customized pilots camo and details (using the italian "vegetato") - customized pilots patches (we used the "high-vis" cause we didn't find too many references pictures that shows low-vis italian flags) Here's the link for the unique tail numbers livery (not for competition) EI 969 : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3322054/ EI 970 : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3322055/ EI 971 : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3322056/ EI 972 : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3322057/ EI 978 : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3322062/ EI 979 : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3322063/ EI 980 : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3322064/ EI 981 : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3322065/ (I'm "reserving" some tail number cause if I find sufficient materials on pilot's paches I might add the 5° regiment "Rigel" 49° Group "Capricorno" helos)
  8. Sorry I don't have experience on editing the mission editor. To see something about minizip try to check in DSMC mod, SAVE.lua file.
  9. Yep. TBH, I'm an "as much as realistic as possible" fun. I even built my own AH64 collective to have some tactile feedback extend. But I also perfectly understand those that does not need full realism... as long as they don't come trying to make their way of thing as "the right one". I saw people having fun with realistic procedures using FC3 aicrafts, and I also see people using F-18s to make dogfight competitions: I don't think one or the other is wrong... cause DCS is such a free envinonment that you can have what you need without limiting anyone else. It's all up to you (and the mission designer also).
  10. this. But, also, remember that you can use it in game mode also! That might help a lot in finding the sweet spot you're looking for between sim and game.
  11. Sorry for the question. Some countries does not employ AH-64D, such as mine (Italy), is it still possible to add a skin in the competition to allow these countries to have a default one w/o the US markings? I'm asking cause one of the rules is "The livery must be based on current or historic schemes from any AH-64 variant."
  12. I'm asking 3 digit cause AFAIK it wasn't possibile to set more than 3 in mission editor. Am I wrong?
  13. Hello, just to ask if it's possibile to have 3-digit bort numbers for the apache template. That could be optimal if it's possibile to have them: - on the tail (balka1), medium size (160 px) - on the vertical stabilizer, small-medium size (110 px) (balka2) - on the front part of bottom1 and botton2 that might accomodate a lot of possibile counterparts of real life, both apaches or else (i.e. Tiger, Mangusta) Thanks in advance if it's possible
  14. Mi sa che per quello che chiedi servirebbe innanzitutto qualcosa che oggi non esiste, ovvero la possibilità di deformare il terreno. Ma se ci fai caso, in DCS si possono modificare gli oggetti 3D che hanno talvolta degli stati intermedi o, per gli oggetti della mappa, uno stato dead vero o falso. Mi sa che finché non esisterà la deformabilità del terreno, non sarà possibile.
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