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  1. Good evening Jockey's! Was running some F-14B on the hoggit servers tonight. PG had some open slots and jumped into the Cat at Al Dharfa. Total darkness of night. No problem. Fire up my flash light and start getting the everything running. Start to setup my lights in the right panel, go to turn on the white flood lights so I can see a little better until I get everything else going. Flip the switch and got nothing. Either bright or dim. No white light at all. I was able to get the red flood to come on with no issues. Tried the white switches again with no luck. Ok. Jump out and jump back into the server again on the Super Carrier. Same issue. No white flood. Tried it in two other servers also, with no luck. On another note, can I run with the taxi light on the super carrier up until I pass the blast deflector, turn it off before hooking up, then hook up and turn the lights back on as the salute? Reason I ask, while on the sc tonight, I could barely see the deck crew trying to get me aligned. The reflective gear they have on is dim for the one over the cat... it just depends on how other lights hit them on the others to the right and left side of the cat. Maybe its time ED gives the deck crew some light sticks and teaches them how to dance!
  2. It does appear that the lights are WAY dimmer now since the 10/28 update. They had gotten a lot better of the previous updates, but appear to be back to barely even visible right now. And dont even worry to turn on the formation lights... They are almost non existent.
  3. Anyone seeing an issue with the user files downloads? I am working on downloading a few F-14 skins for a mission, maybe 244mb. Getting a download speed of 18.3kb/sec. This is terrible. And not what I normally experience when downloading user files. I have nothing else running. Did a speed test on Fast.com and am running at 580mb+ connection speed. Cat6A cable direct to my Fioptics modem.
  4. Not Derek... Ok... I am using OGVME to put the mods in place. I am trying them one at a time, but I am still not seeing any difference in the view except on the monitor when it is "enabled" I show both eyes views split.
  5. I dont know if I have these in the right folders or not... And I was not able to locate any *.ini file to load as a preset.
  6. Went to take a look at the server tonight after seeing some vids of it in action, but did not see it in the server listings. I am running OB.
  7. Ok. I just found in my Settings that you have to enable "Show Signature" But it is there. Thanks again @speed-of-heat
  8. This. The new forums isnt showing the sig lines.
  9. I run 2 standards on my Next Level Racing rig on 3D printed mounts I designed. I have an XL that I keep on my desk for other controls. I also have a mini that I use for other functions that do not need that many buttons. Yes, I have a Stream Deck addiction. But they all have their uses and purposes. I fly mainly in VR so I dont actually use them as much as I could/should, but I have some basic mappings on them. One example is a folder that is just getting things started in the F14... Hide stick, loadout, O2, Ejection seat, launch bar, kneel, salute, etc. Then I go back to the main menu for other options. One folder is for the walkman. Another is for the kneeboard. I use it for keyboard commands that are not normally a function of the plane itself. I have a Logi rollerball on a platform on the left side of the rig I use for clicking buttons in the pit outside of my acm panel.
  10. So I am still able to run the version for OB and pass the IC. Is this still the latest and greatest IC version available?
  11. Last I knew, the b-side songs were still causing CTD's or not working at all.
  12. Good afternoon ED! Can you check the status of order 1018007 please? I purchased the Syria map and paid via paypal (checking account). I show the payment as process in Paypal and it has been deducted from my banking account, however, when looking at the details on the order page it shows as waiting for payment. Not in a rush as I know this was a pre-release purchase, but just want to make sure that this is normal when using paypal. I have tried to purchase before using a cc, but for some reason it is always blocked as the purchase is originating from Russia. Let me know if you need more information or proof of purchase. Thanks!
  13. Got a link to those? I am currently running 3 8" neewer monitors with mine but looking at making some changes.
  14. I run my main corsair K95 Platinum and Iron Claw mouse, but bolted to my Next Level stand, I have a Logi Trackball on the right and a 81key keyboard on the left.
  15. Appears to be back with the 6/18/2020 update again... Switching between full screen and back and forth several times does not correct the issue. Cmon ED! This has been an issue for a while and kills the VR.
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