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  1. Hello Does anyone recall the type of tape used for Throttle Travel MOD, Back in the day, (to reduce sticking effect during travel)? I would like to add this mod to my 2nd Cougar Throttle. Thanks All
  2. Hello, I'm a F-16C or F/A-18C pilot, in zone EST Question: Time flight are normally? EST,PS Was flying at 18:00 pst (21:00 EST) too late for myself Thanks Yogi F-16 Dispatch F/A-18
  3. I am experiencing issue with ATIS, just recently.. Will not work anymore in any everyday missions ? working well again, updated Moose.lua (Include - static) 12/29
  4. Hello, FYI When logging in on the front page, it doesn't indicate your logged in, if you go to another topic, it shows logged in. at least for me thanks
  5. Hello Was wondering how far down the list, is this option? You Guys are doing great Stuff.. :thumbup:
  6. Night Vision Goggles don't toggle
  7. Please... Please... Please... Please... Please... :thumbup:
  8. :thumbup:You may want to consider UFC App It works great and What you request, is in progress:thumbup: Android Not sure of iPad, yet
  9. Got this message when down loading module DCS Updater2.10.3.45 "Unknown module SYRIA_terrain" ?
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