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  1. Hi there, i succesfully converted (and finished) this campaign, it´s quite easy to do so, you only need to open the .miz file, extract the mission file and open it on something like notepad++ and modify it. Every .miz mission has several archives on it, find the one named mission, extract it, open it on notepad++, and find and replace every sentence that includes A_10C for A_10C_2. Once it is done, put it on the .miz file again replacing it, do it for every mission and there you go, you succesfully converted your campaign. Will upload it myself if i knew it is safe to do so, never obtained permission from the mission creators
  2. Hola buenas, me interesa, te mando correo.
  3. Hi again, got it to work! As soon I updated firepower and capability (both were set at 1, as i just copied it from other campaign) it worked. Didn´t need to erase the F15s, adding another squadron with mirages just worked, Thanks again Eagle for the help!
  4. Thx for the response, will try to look for what you say of the firepower, may be that the reason why the Mirage doesn´t get any tasks. Will update if i get it to work!
  5. Hi Eagle, been struggling for some time to convert your Screaming Eagle,to swap the F15 for the Mirage, done this for other campaigns without issues, just changing what is needed on loadouts and oob init. On this one the problem is that DCE won´t assign any tasks(both Firstmission and skip mission bats, will run for 20 attempts and fail to assign flights to player) to the Mirage, just for the F-15C. The only thing i can do is replace it on the ME, which is tedious and not elegant. Did you change the way yor campaigns work when compared to Miguel´s or cef´s? THx i advance!
  6. AS title says, any chance to get it updated to include the A10 II?
  7. Can confirm, happened the same after firing all of them and then switching to Mk82s
  8. It´s quite similar, you are able to get head-on shots at 30k+ ft with closures of about 1k+ KT at 30+ NM, even further. Problem is that it inherited problems that the AMRAAM had, as described here and here . Best thing is quite difficult to notch it RN, previously it missed with just some chaff and a bit of notching, i would say it is quite better now. All of my experience is SP though.
  9. Hi there! This is an issue that has been present for some time, cannot point precisely when. Just decided to report after seeing it also on the SD-10 after the scheme change on august´s patch. After breaking to lock the missile just stops guiding, flying straight at 1G instead of continuing with its trajectory, missing the target entirely or needing tons of Gs to hit it. Tested in SP on the F-16 and F-18. F-18 guidance issue.trk F-16 guidance issue.trk
  10. Hi guys, apparently after the change of scheme for the SD-10, it also inherited AIM-120´s guidance flaws. After breaking to lock the missile just stops guiding, flying straight at 1G instead of continuing with its trajectory, missing the target entirely or needing tons of Gs to hit it. I assume this is an ED issue, so i´m going to report it to them as well (it also affects the AIM-120). Only tested in SP, as i imagine this is not an issue in MP, due to magical INSs (i don´t fly MP either). Cheers! SD-10 guidance issue.trk
  11. Hi Scott, what i meant is that i’m not able to designate the drop point even though i can move the TGP with TMS aft, the line and the square on the HUD don’t move. Thx for checking!
  12. After firing Harms, the CCRP SPI is blocked where it was when the HARM was fired, any movement of the TGP does not update the SPI. Tested on SP, Caucasus withy no mods. Track provided. F16 CCRP issue 2.trk
  13. Yes , same issue with MAVS as well, please see my new post and check if that works for you. On top of that, i´m completely unable to use SP mode, always points to the WP, no matter what i do with TMS.
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