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  1. Yeah I think that's a bug... I've seen this lately and it holds the high alphas near the ground (which I thought was maybe a "trick" to lul the player into a low speed/stall/spin to get manouvre kill) but it ends up hitting any thing in the way, be it a building, powerline, slight hill etc... No idea what they've done here, but the ace ai in F18 sucks right now
  2. After an almost 40gb update for DCS beta itself, I load the Apache and setup the controls 95% per Waggs video and found that side of things flawless. In an empty mission and a couple waypoints I begin in the air to get a feel, and first thing I noticed vs the other choppers is how little the control inputs are needed... I repeatedly found myself doing Huey/mi8/24 type movements of the controls, and see the Apache doesn't like this! It's very easy to roll 90'(or more) without even trying, because i added collective a bit too quickly. Watching Waggs videos, he would fly so... Slow isn't the word, but take a long to do his moves, never pitching more than a few degrees. I now see why. Thankfully it's very forgiving, I'm gonna guess the damage and overstress and FM is far from finished, but pulling out of a vertical dive at full power seemed no bother (try doing that in any other. It's also very forgiving at rough landings, again more than any other. In some combat, it wasn't immediately obvious how to get my gunner shooting, and befor I could figure out which step I missed, my right pylon went missing to some shots from a BMP. The chopper leaned as expected into the now heavier asymmetric left side. Overall its still very early access, I think I can understand why ED chose not to give a free trial to it at such an early stage, and I appreciate there is no way we could have had this 3 months ago. To all the hard work, especially from the unpaid alpha testers who been trialling and bug reporting getting it ready, thanks. Sound wise, the externals are really something. I look forward to learning it a bit more and top priority for me is adjusting to the high sensitivity on the controls. Try hovering, then in 1 go, adding power, pull back + right with left rudder.... that's some crazy move that highlights how sensitive this thing is. It's a decent starting point for very early day1 access. Thx
  3. Did you find what you were looking for bkrull? Let me know what modules, if any you still would like help with. I'm better with some than others, so I'll be happy to help if I can. No money required, happy to help if I can.
  4. I'm not sure if you read my comment quite right, I wrote the Starlin was the response to the tiger, but even if I had got my order mixed up, the Russian T34 was a good tank for the time and the most produced and feels missing from a ww2 assets pack that has a whole bunch of tanks, including the king tiger of which too few too late to matter much, but missing is the most heavily produced tank ever.
  5. If you look at aircraft numbers, it's a wonder Germany ever got anywhere. The RAF alone out produced the Luftwaffe year on year throughout the war. The RAF had around the same numbers of planes as war began.. but so did France. France alone had more tanks and more soldiers. So before America even got started, Germany was heavily out numbered, men, tanks, planes, ships, you name it, they had less... I know this is wondering more and more off topic, but trying to study the war objectively is really quite difficult. Often the official version of events on a certain issue, differs from the personal accounts of the allies and the axis, which oddly enough marry up much more often.
  6. There needs to be some sort of bug report / tracking implementation here, otherwise what's the point in people going to the effort of even reporting them. It seems like people have no idea if their bug is on a list, what priority, if any is given to that list.
  7. There's no obvious way to make people go in, jump - I've explored the specials menus. unsure if this was scripted into the mission video (a sort of spawn parachuting pilot bailout script). At a distance it looks like troops jumping out. In any case, I'd love to be wrong, if anyone can tell the rest of us how to get people jumping out the c47/dc3
  8. I would really like to see this tank added to the pack, the Russian T34. For Germany, 80% of the landwar war, in terms of numbers, was against Russia on the Eastern front. Over 80,000 of these were built, outnumbering any other tank in the war by far, and it was good. Adding "the Starlins" which was the Russian answer to the Tiger would be a real bonus. Many thanks
  9. Have you ever noticed that many planes in DCS, like the F16, steer the "wrong way" when you pick up speed on the runway? this video highlights the effect, and goes someway to examine why: YouTube - F16 Steers Wrong Way on Runway? DCS
  10. Before watching this video, have a guess what you think the results will be, based on the following... You're in the aircraft (F14, F15, F16 or F18) flying over the open seas at around 10,000ft and you are totally alone up there. There are no allies, the only thing to perhaps call a friend is the nice weather... Somehow you are informed that south your position, an enemy SU33 is hot, flying directly towards you, at Angels 12 - or 12,000ft. What range do you expect to see him at?? Remember there's no AWACS or other datafeed, this is your RADAR alone. At least with your RWR, you know where to look, and you can focus up the RADAR accordingly, Hi PRF, narrow az sweep just how you like, and keep yourself slightly below the horizon, vs the SU33 to give your RADAR the absolute best shot at seeing him... Well this is what I did, I had an idea in mind, I was totally wrong, so I thought I'd make a video, I'm sure there are others, like myself, who've forgotten exactly what it's like to fight an enemy with zero datalink in the datalink capable aircraft in multiplayers (or at least with supporting allies). Have you got your guess(es) ready? This video covers all 4 in a single take,
  11. I had something similar happen a couple times during slick wing hi speed transit, coming off the burners and descending (mil power due to speed) I found it extremely easy to break the wings with zero warning. So much the first time it happened I was convinced this was some kinda glitch, but the second time, I wasn't even pulling hard, it was (I'm guessing here) the rapidly increasing IAS as I'm falling down through thicker air. I agree the whole issue needs reworking, and the best approach might well be some kinda roll of the dice. If you over G by 1-2G, basically you're extremely unlucky to have anything go wrong. At 2-4G you wanna be Poppin panels, and anything over thereabouts have a list of things chosen at random that MAY happen.
  12. Situation: Set Caucus map to winter, as its the only one DCS allows to set really cold in winter -12c (i think it was -12.4 but mission brief said -12c close enough)... I put all the warbirds out, cold n dark, and one by one I wanted to test the following, does it start? does it require warm-up? and here are the results for anyone's interest: Caucus, Jan 1, -14c with 5kts wind, turbulence 50, late afternoon. In all tests, I would start up (manual) and immediately takeoff (max 20-30sec for taxi). After takeoff power was set to Max Continuous. Any cooling flaps were used in auto mode (german), or as i deemed as required per temp gauges. All aircraft were flown at low level with max continous for at least 10 minutes before RTB. If there were problems and I had to change anything, it will be documented. Bf 109 K4 - Started only when using cold-start level by the throttle - once it started, no problems. I heard an unusual sound during the takeoff run that soon went away... insane performance. Minor dives were getting 700kmh IAS. Fw 190 A8 - Started no trouble, very strange sound on takeoff - I experienced an immediate loss of power (i guestimate about 50%) which never returned for the duration of the flight - due to the loss of power i had to run at 100% throttle, which it did for the duration. Fw 190 D9 - No problem at all at any stage, no strange noises, and increidbly powerful and responsive in the cold dense air. Mossie - Despite numerous attempts, I was completely unable to get this going in the conditions. P47 - This aircraft was the most interesting, and imo, has the best cold weather modeling... incredibly difficult to start, for those wishing to attempt this, I had to hold down the starter for at least 3x as long as normal, and stroke the throttle up and down as i'm trying to get it to catch without flooding it... Once it started i tried to take off, and immediately siezed the engine just trying to taxi. The oil pressure was reading max without even getting 1,000rpm.... I reloaded the situation and again it took ages to start, this time i waited for it to warm up, because the rpm has to be so low to not get the oil pressure going of the scale, it took even longer to warm up, as it warmed up a bit, the oil lubricated a bit better, the pressure came down a bit, i was able to crack the throttle a little more, which in turn gradually increased the speed at which it could be warmed up... once it was within limits, i took off without further issue - i didn't time the process, but expect at least 5 minutes warm-up and thats if you're willing to nurse the engine as it happens - and much longer if you dont. P51 - This aircraft I didn't even bother attempting to start without a couple seconds of "oil dillute" and then "primer" presses.. That said, it then started fine, and took off instant without any issue or noticeable detriment - that said, the oil pressure was off the charts right away, but there was absolutely no negative impact from having glue-like oil rammed through the system. Spitfire - no cold weather controls to speak of engine wise, I just did the normal start and instant go, and there was exactly like the P51 - zero consequences, and an insane oil pressure readings. Other things of note: All aircraft with oil pressure readings, showed extremely high pressures, as you'd expect. With the exception of the P47, and possibly the Fw 190 A8, there was no consequences at all from jamming this through the engines... I was unable to test the mossie on this. Engine thrusts - I was able to get the highest readings inside the cockpit I had ever seen, be that "boost" or "manifold" or "ATA" - in all cases, minus the A8, the engines produced record breaking amounts of power... Couple that with the thick dense cold air, the props were able to take huge thick dense slices of air as well, mix that together, it was mind boggling amounts of performance, that if anyone saw, would have been the german pilots on the eastern front back in the 1940's. With Mw50 and some climb tests, it was not far from being sabre/mig15 like. Couple this with the massive amounts of grip/lift generated by the wings, it was to make very tight turns and quick sharp moves, especially with the german A8/D9 that was able to exploit the electric trim assists. End of aircrafts report Other thoughts - I would like ED to come up with some kinda standard with regards to the cold weather, and props in general. For example, does oil need to warm up gradually to avoid it forming up bubbles, or not? Does cold weather/icing affect the ability to start an aircraft, or not? While some of things wont matter to some, in any multiplayer environment where a cold-n-dark startup is order of the day, it makes a massive different to hop into a spitfire, or 109 K4 and be in the air inside 60-70seconds, vs say the P47 - which forces you to watch the temps. If you're still reading, well done
  13. yeah it does thats why so many new players fall down inside their own downwash - aka VRS
  14. you know if you look into the whole ground effect thing, and airliners flying 100kts above max speed, it quickly... oh wait, i forgot this ain't conspiracy anon!
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