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  1. Curious if this issue is known to affect other air-frames too?? I just swapped my hornets for F16's and they did the same thing.
  2. I've been having issues with this too, I'm running a MOOSE Airwing/Auftrag script and it appears when the hornets I have set to go escort (or AAR) from a tanker they do the same thing and fall like a rock into the ocean (even WITH full AB on) they also pull ridiculous alpha, I have yet to try using other units but that's the next step. Pilot seems to start having issues and pulling into a stall around 20secs into the video and at mission time 8:13:36 the unit that crashed is: Fighters1_AID-2 Call-sign UZI14. This happens ever time I run the mission, but It varies as to which unit dies. server-20220510-204555.trk
  3. I've looked into that , but the AWACS I'm trying to spawn is already spawned in another script In the mission (not created by me) , all I'm looking for this tiny script to do is to take off some fighters, locate the already spawned AWACS and continue to escort it until it runs out of fuel or they lose a fight. Most of the autfrag examples I see , you HAVE to create BOTH the escorters AND the Escortees in the same script. There has to be a way to write a small script (I don't care which class it uses) to accomplish this. FWIW I have asked on tbe discord but I'm not a very experienced scripter and I generally just get met with "use this class" , that's the issue.
  4. I gather that it's doable. I am trying to figure out how. All I can find is guides on how to setup client escorts (which I've already done) it doesn't seem to be listed how to tell one existing (scripted spawned unit) to take off, escort an existing unit (in this case an AWACS) then have them land if they run out of fuel and another one spawn if either of the two in the ai escort group gets shot down.
  5. I understand that this was AGES ago, but did you ever figure this out. I'm attempting this very thing right now and not getting anywhere. Thanks . MM
  6. Again go back and read throught this thread. You CLEARLY STILL don't understand what we are talking about. Maybe watch the video posted above too. All you do is post unhelpful nonsense. If this issue isn't affecting you , great. Enjoy. It clearly is affecting the rest of us.
  7. The exact same way as it does for the mavericks when you can toggle realistic slewing on and off. It's really not rocket science we've been over this time and time again. Would take all of 30 mins to implement.
  8. I managed to resolve this issue , after a few days of trying I managed to get the script working and modified the way I wanted it.
  9. I have kinda a strange question, I was looking into moose which is amazing and was trying to use it with Flight Control's brilliant escort script (with the intention being having a 2 ship of fighters escort player hercs whilst they are running cargo in dangerous areas), However, whilst this script works (100% unmodified from the creator for every other airframe I have tried it in) the f10 menu never pops up when attempting to use it in the herc. No errors that are obvious on in the logs. I'll add the mission (all I did was swap the su25 "lead Client plane" for a Hercules). Any advice would be awesome as I'm not very advanced with moose or Lua. Thanks in advance. ESC-001_-_Escorting_Helicopters.miz
  10. The point I'm making is that the version of moose used in your missions is different to the version that is stock (in that it has been modified in ways I don't know and was released with your missions long before the latest version of the stock moose file) , otherwise why would you use a modified version. If I was to replace your moose version with the one from the moose GitHub page , it would likely break your missions. I maybe wrong on this but I assume there are changes in your version that there aren't in the newer stock ones. That is what I'm getting at, so if appleevangelist and co make changes to the default moose file , it won't have whatever modifications that have been made in that "stock" file to the one in your missions. Either way it's not a big deal just thought Id ask.
  11. Yeah that's what I mean, the version of moose u used doesn't support the forestal as it's an older version (that you mentioned you had edited from stock), so In a few of my scripts it doesn't detect the forrestal, I would replace it with the stock latest moose but I assume given the changes you made in the the "snow blossom" one I think it was called , I might screw stuff up if I used the "default moose"version one, from the moose website.
  12. Strange request, is there any chance you could post or send me (or tell me what to update) in your custom version of moose , to allow me to support the likes of the forrestal, on my Snowfox and Scarlet Dawn missions (or can I just use the one from the sea slug mission? ) Thanks muchly. Smack.
  13. I have a random question. I'm trying to make CTLD allow me to spawn crates around my Anubis Hercules. However whenever I access the f10 menu in the herc it shows me every CTLD option BUT the bloody spawning of crates menus. As an aside of I spawn Into any of my helos they can spawn crates straight away. Finally I know it isnt likely the mission editor settings as all the transport vehicles (helos and Hercules In this case) have got the same format of pilot names (helicargo 1 and 2 respectively. I can post my CTLD tomorrow if needed. Thanks SMACK I since managed to resolve this , however my issue has now changed and once I spawn a crate it tells me that "No Crates within 50m to load" despite the crate itself having spawned right in front of my plane (It's also throwing this message for choppers that spawn crates now too! Any help is much appreciated, here is the code that pertains to the message I'm receiving and my attached lua script. Thanks in advance. " function ctld.loadNearbyCrate(_name) local _transUnit = ctld.getTransportUnit(_name) if _transUnit ~= nil then if ctld.inAir(_transUnit) then ctld.displayMessageToGroup(_transUnit, "You must land before you can load a crate!", 10,true) return end if ctld.inTransitSlingLoadCrates[_name] == nil then local _crates = ctld.getCratesAndDistance(_transUnit) for _, _crate in pairs(_crates) do if _crate.dist < 50.0 then ctld.displayMessageToGroup(_transUnit, "Loaded " .. _crate.details.desc .. " crate!", 10,true) if _transUnit:getCoalition() == 1 then ctld.spawnedCratesRED[_crate.crateUnit:getName()] = nil else ctld.spawnedCratesBLUE[_crate.crateUnit:getName()] = nil end ctld.crateMove[_crate.crateUnit:getName()] = nil _crate.crateUnit:destroy() local _copiedCrate = mist.utils.deepCopy(_crate.details) ctld.inTransitSlingLoadCrates[_name] = _copiedCrate return end end ctld.displayMessageToGroup(_transUnit, "No Crates within 50m to load!", 10,true) else -- crate onboard local _currentCrate = mist.utils.deepCopy(ctld.inTransitSlingLoadCrates[_name]) ctld.displayMessageToGroup(_transUnit, "You already have a ".._currentCrate.desc.." crate onboard!", 10,true) end end end " CTLDFinal.lua
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