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  1. ah i did a search and better understand it. when the engine drops power, the nozzle (turkey feathers) close and it causes a whistle. sort of like doing a whistle with human lips. it is patented technology from 1961 which i assume is why not all engines have CENC.
  2. it is made by gremlins screaming on the wings because they hate to land.
  3. ok the top two. i need to change my buttons my buttons i have now to those two mappings. got it thanks. null
  4. i would have to guess it is the engine spooling down. but dunno without really hearing it. edit: found this https://www.f-16.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18535 and
  5. doh. how large is original? maybe you could share another way?
  6. i found a few really old posts on this . they did not completely answer my question. i have the following mapped to my warthog throttle. buttons 9 and 10. first do i have the correct buttons mapped? second do i need a third to center to cancel and return to normal modes like NAV. recently i was in a mission that was attacking ground targets. part of the mission was a flight of enemy helicopters. i got them all and need to get home. i was unable to get the HUD symbology back. TIA
  7. i cannot hear a whistle in the video. i can say that i live near many airports and airbases. i often hear a whine from the engines when they are idled preparing to land. it also depends on engine type. turbine vs turbofan.
  8. also sorry no one has answered. you sound adept at coding so i am throwing out a suggestion. i do not mean to be snarky. have you compared the syntax between the frogfoot and an FC plane. all modules have their own input configs, including each of the FC planes. this is definitely an unusual subject and i really have no idea if what you want is feasible. good luck!
  9. i not run the gamut on seasons though i have noticed the sunset and sunrise time are accurate. i started a mission at 0900 in june and it was quite dark.
  10. what is this sorcery?! lol. i had no idea...
  11. check out this video. it looks like he is moving pretty fast. maybe thats it?
  12. i flew a custom mission today and did two 'refly'. the first keeps the name and does indeed change to a temp mission the subsequent 'refly' button.
  13. to my knowledge, no. maybe something to post in wish list. my best suggestion is to print out the map and use it to show where the points are. this is old school way. dropping a markpoint in cockpit via normal means will be the real choice. also keeps your eyes on the action.
  14. no problem. always glad to help. come back if you have questions. DCS is great. it takes time to learn and good gear to run it.
  15. two suggestions. get at least 32 RAM (64 better) and larger PSU. later on when you decide on another GFX card it will help. 3060 is good but could be better.
  16. oh my bad. thats what i did to keep everything from polluting one another.
  17. make a copy of the DCS folder found within the Saved Games. rename it to DCS.openbeta.
  18. hello. this is arguably the easiest way of doing both.
  19. approved for public release https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA351581.pdf
  20. understood. i see other virpil users saying they had freezes until the controller firmware was updated. https://support.virpil.com/en/support/solutions/folders/47000015618
  21. have a look at this link. i think you are experiencing this. in your log there are lots of APP: Device unplugged and APP: Device plugged as a test see if game starts without controllers. then end game and plug one in and repeat. maybe a controller is having problems.
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