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  1. silverdevil's post in DCS OB Steam : Incorrect login or password after last update ( was marked as the answer   
    2022-05-23 17:12:33.372 ERROR NET: Login failed because of an invalid username or password. i do not know yet how to get around this. whether you are using correct creds, DCS thinks not. its odd but make sure your time is correct. you could put in a support ticket. 
    there must be a way to reset.
  2. silverdevil's post in no "Scripts/Hooks" folder in fresh install was marked as the answer   
    i have SRS and TacView installed. these were added by the individual mods. not me. maybe FlyPT needs to be installed?

  3. silverdevil's post in Crash after Entry into mission in Open Beta was marked as the answer   
    larger pagefile perhaps.
    2022-05-15 14:16:04.896 INFO    APP: CPU cores: 8, threads: 16, System RAM: 16312 MB, Pagefile: 16384 MB
    also maybe a graphics card driver update or a repair.
    before doing drivers nightmare, try nvida debug mode. 
  4. silverdevil's post in CTD external object tracking w/ ground impact was marked as the answer   
    @rwbishUP i see "device unplugged" just before mini dump. do you use track ir? if so try this.
    a usb controller on your system is disconnecting and causing the crash. the link may make a difference on any of your controllers.
  5. silverdevil's post in Open beta running as stable version was marked as the answer   
    i believe it is this once you get into command prompt
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