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  1. I've been asked by Rossmum to relay the information that the Hind loadouts are bugged and GCI can see helos on Swedish Delivery, since he's busy actually flying the thing. o7
  2. Experiencing this as well. I've got a Logitech G29 wheel and pedals. With the Logitech G Hub software installed, DCS doesn't start. Uninstall G Hub, and DCS starts with no issues. Reproducible every single time, with a fresh DCS install. This is not an acceptable long-term solution - uninstalling G Hub gets me reduced FFB functionality in racing sims. And no, I'm not going to crawl behind my desk and unplug things every time I want to play one thing or the other. I've refunded several games when they detected my HOTAS or pedals as a controller and freaked out. The last lines of the log.
  3. Posting to bump and watch this thread; although, I'm pretty sure I know what the 'official' response will be, if it even gets one. Appreciate your work, Taz, and for trying to bring attention to this.
  4. 2.5.6, for all the other stuff it broke, finally fixed this one for me; I don't see any strange pseudo-bumpmap anymore.. Hopefully it's worked out that way for everyone else that's posted here.
  5. As of the OB branch patch, 14 June, this bug is still present. Unbelievable that this hasn't been noticed or acknowledged - it's in everyone's screenshots, everyone's videos; it's making DCS look bad.
  6. Just hopped on MP after today's (14 June) patch; got rearmed, ground electric power, and ground air supply through the comms menu, no crashes.
  7. Still ruining almost every single livery, on every single module. No big deal!
  8. There are a couple of skins with bright enough blues to trigger this bug as well. And this is still an issue as of the OB patch on 1 March 2019.
  9. As of today's open beta update, the A-4 now explodes when spawning on the ground in at least some places on the Caucasus map. It was happening in a mission that I've modified to spawn the A-4 instead of the Hornet, which I don't own, but I tried the Cold Start and Takeoff instant action missions included with the A-4 and the same thing happens. I: a) am not using any other mods aside from the A-4 b) verified the DCS World client files c) uninstalled and reinstalled the A-4
  10. This bug is still present in the latest update.
  11. It's probably easier to rule things out one by one as reports come in. In this case, since things that aren't aircraft, like taxi signs, are affected, aircraft liveries wouldn't seem to be the problem. What I find really interesting, and potentially useful, is that in my last screenshot in the album, the red from a taxi sign seems to be 'bleeding' around the edges of a bush. I don't know exactly how DCS's rendering pipeline works, so I won't make any conjecture aside from pointing it out as very strange.
  12. Indeed, that certainly seems to be the case since I'm pretty sure a) TAXI SIGNS do not have liveries and b) this is a recent bug that has only showed up one of the recent patches. Thank you for acknowledging the thread, SkateZilla, I appreciate it.
  13. Bug still exists in today's OB patch. It is engine-wide, across all modules that I currently own and was able to test.. Client integrity was checked, fxo and metashaders folders were deleted and recreated directly before these were taken, no mods or non-standard textures are in use. Since the attachment limit seems to be three for this post, I've uploaded a selection of three; the imgur album with all of my collected and labeled screenshots can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/Jxzi8eN The raw screenshots can be provided if necessary. Please note that the highlighted areas are simply where the bug is most visible, not the only areas affected. In modules where the cockpit is not included, it's because the colors are weathered/muted enough to avoid the bug, most notably Razbam's Mirage and Harrier cockpits. Again, not that the bug isn't present at all, but too difficult to see. Red is the most prominently glitched color, but if you will observe the Su-27 screenshot, sufficiently bright blue will also reproduce it. I hope this information is in some way helpful.
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