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  1. Solved. Hope they fix it for future downloads don't have this problem
  2. Reporting: The S_70B_Seahawk need to be fixed. It is missing textures. S
  3. They will be landable in near future? Congradulations for the work.
  4. The mod is working properly fine to me now. Just flyed for a few minutes, but now it show in ME. Hope see this amazing mod fixing its bugs and new updates. Congradulations for the job. Well done.
  5. I think ppl is tired from that boring and lowpoly and bugged Seahawk from the game. You know, it becomes black when you go far, that textures looks horrible. I'd love have your mod as AI to replace that SH-60 from the game, just as AI. Landed over the Carrier. Could you release to me in private? Thanks. Btw, you made a amazing ship mod, hope fly the future Apache from your ship.
  6. Release this amazing Seahawk mod :)) I'd love have it as AI.
  7. Sad. Id 'like have this mod just as AI. The game Seahawk is too lowpoly.
  8. Same. Still not showing in ME after the 'fix update', tried put Seacat.lua file from HMS Invincible mod inside the folder and is not showing aswell.
  9. Same here. I see the mod icon but not in the ship list in ME.
  10. Any chance we see the NDM Bahia?
  11. SP version should be added as official in game, what amazing effects the steam smoke and the explosion brighter and smoke from clusters...
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