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  1. TOPHATTERS 222 | Pitkun Mig 21
  2. pitkun


    Hi... Honestly it looks a bit messy....try to follow my steps i shared with you. Build it step by step, i will follow a nd give you more tips as you advance... always post with wire frame...cause you model as i see looks very shape stratched and over detailed at places where no need. Sorry for not so possitive critics, i just want to help you create a good model !
  3. pitkun


    My personal tip for making this model awesome: Go, and find a good source of blueprints, better a one with section lines, learn the shape from a closer look through pics and etc....and try to mimic the designers / constructors way of shape thinking... i will explain... all shapes out there made from super simple shapes...called primitives... once you crack this nut... you will be able to reproduce any fuselage shape. From what i see it a simple merge of cylinder with the canopy shape...and the intakes. Before you merge all to shape...first build them separate...shape it out in a way that all parts have same amount of polyflow... then work on the mergin. the secret is to build it exactly the way it built in the real world... it doesn't mean, you need to build every rivet...it means you have to dive everything by shapes !!!
  4. Contact me on discord, pitkun#2175
  5. Hi everyone, I came up with some idea... Recently I have aquiered a Kfir stick. And I decided to make some cool stuff and make it useful and useable. THE PROJECT - Making the stick attachable and playable to bases like Thrustmaster and Virpil ... apologize for VKB owners. THE GIVEAWAY - After I finish with the stick conversion, and testing everything works as expected, I plan to contact one of the DCS streamers and he will make a giveaway of the stick. One lucky pilot will get it home by postman :). HOW TO ACHIEVE To make this project come to life there are some steps - Create the fitting/ conversion unit from stick tread to base tread. Will cost approximately 200 ILS, it's about 60 $. - PCB that will connect all the buttons and make them readable. This one a bit tricky... I plan to get a Warthog grip used or new, and to get its PCB to use in the stick. So it will be a warthog grip MOD. This will cost about 475 USD + BASE. In case you are interested to help me with this project and the giveaway, join the discord channel for more info and participation. IAF KFIR C2/C7 project and Kfir Stick Giveaway Enjoy !!!
  6. Hi everybody, We are looking for an additional 3d modeler to join the Kfir C2/C7 project. Info regarding the project can be found in this link Kfir C2/C7 If you find it interesting and have the skills, contact me on discord pitkun #2175 Portfolio examples are must have Thank you, and have a nice day!
  7. Hi everybody... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it4TiatILSE&feature=youtu.be Have an issue, can't find a solution nor somebody who has done that. If there is someone to know the workaround,you're welcome. The retraction was simulated with IK BONE TOLL - the red part. To the red part, I connected the green part, which is connecting between the fork and the bay cover. Actually, the green part is part of limb chain. The problem: As long as the green part, is connected/ linked to the red IK BONE TOOL, the export skips over this part, and it does not appear in the modelviewr nor the game. Same goes for the blue piston, connected to LOOK AT tool. Notice that the blue piston have a complex movement rotation, so it's not possible to solve it with keyframe animation! thank you all
  8. Hello everybody, I wanted to ask regarding exporting IK BONE linked objects, and LOOK AT linked objects... Is there any workaround that? Where can I find a correct way of doing that tutorial? As I'm trying to export, the mesh is missing on the viewer. In my opinion, this is a very obvious set of tools should be implemented in the exporter, ED team please consider this in the next release or fix. Thank you
  9. Hi, when attaching a task to unit, everything is fine, until the moment it starts to go up in the sky again. The plane is driving reversed to the runway, and on takeof, makes a fast u turn and go on gravel.
  10. Guys, If there is somebody who is in touch with ED please ask them, to make some update to the EDM tools set to at least 2018. We have a subscription to max 2018 and there is no way to install another version. We are a studio, and making this big change can ruin some network setups. Maybe, the open source, free from the installer, will allow to only load it a plugin to Max and it will work. Thank you!
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