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  1. UPDATE Control Panel Settings for Nvidia and DCS VR
  2. Just tune your Rig, it's not rocket science. There's no single setting to make it all better. A 1080Ti FTW3 with some added OC is sufficient for 45 - 75 FPS or better in a Reverb G1 with a great view and detail. Including MP and SP. If you're not there, you've got more tuning to do. (and no damn shaders mod needed) No, 100% SS does not mean exact resolution. Programatic warping is added to fit the lens optics.
  3. Yes - differences in VR headsets could use more tweaking in this area. Also having them in-game solves the in/out alt-tab BS for a faster adjustment. Keymapped in addition to sliders would make it even more useful in-cockpit. EDIT: And if you're going to do sliders, make them adjustable with the mouse wheel for a change. Should be a requirement in the world. Also - changing these things outside of the game changes the brightness for the entire PC not just DCS. I think it's better if we can just adjust inside of DCS and not throw all other games out of whack.
  4. Ya - I'm in. One-Stop-Shop. Too many variables to tune the Reverb today. As long as it's native support for the resolution and rendering and not a low-res solution.
  5. VR4DCS Updates There are some updates on the VR4DCS Blog. The instructions weren't as clear as they could have been for ensuring that you have WMR for SteamVR installed with the proper file changes to enable native support for the Reverb and the Beta Reprojection. Thanks! VR4DCS
  6. I've found lighting means a more diffused light around your pit area, allowing for good contrast. Remember you're looking down to the sides as well, not just up and around. The use of the "Flashlight" feature is a really good suggestion for seeing what it sees. Critical for DCS When you perform the "look around" during the WMR Portal Calibration, be sure you look down about 30 degrees throughout that process. This will ensure good tracking when looking at your panels to the side. These two things (lighting and downward-tracking) can generally solve most issues of tracking.
  7. I'm running a Reverb with a 1080ti FTW3 (OC'd a bit more too) 8700k at 4.8. RAM matters a LOT - be sure it's XMP enabled and you have 32 gig. I also have a swap file at 2x ram - because, ya. I have no MSAA (not needed) no SSAA. Anisotropic at 16x. Textures - Terrain - HIGH Water & Visb Range - HIGH Shadows - Medium Res Cockpit 1024 Terrain Obj shadows - FLAT Trees 65% Clutter Grass 1500 Reload Radius 150,000 I get 70-90 fps on/over the Tarwa 65-85 fps on the ground at Al Dhafra Frametimes in the mid to low teens. Steam is set to 100% Video and 100% App for DCS
  8. VR4DCS Updates Hey all - some updates at VR4DCS Those of you not seeing what you think you should see in the REVERB, really need to run through the Reverb set up on the Blog. Also, if you're transitioning from an Oculus HMD, then do the Pre-Flight before. There is a significant difference in the clarity of the Reverb above the other headsets if properly setup. Besides cockpit clarity, that difference comes in medium and long-distance sighting of targets. Seeing the tanker at 20 miles and targets from 10k feet is a significant difference. (ED: Who doesn't want to see the ball coming into the Stennis at 2 miles...ya) Let me know if you have questions! The DISCORD channel is up now and you can join it from the Blog. I hope this helps! https://vr4dcs.com
  9. Depends. You can create a profile that you activate for DCS. Or run the Rig that way.
  10. UPDATES Check the Blog for updates and helping with a transition from Rift to Reverb. Or those going from a sensor-based to Inside/Out based headset. VR4DCS
  11. Based on the chart and experience, a used O+ is also a great choice. Well priced and nearly as clear as a Rift S. If a Reverb is not yet available, I’d wait lol. An Index though is pricier and less clear, but maybe no wait.
  12. Choosing between headsets is really just a couple of key thoughts: What Games/Sims are you playing? If you play a lot of portal games, it's hard to beat a Rift S. Optimized for lower-rez low-poly count VR Games as found in the Oculus Portal. $1b worth of software engineering for all of that. But remember, optimized for portal games means adequate for flight sims like DCS, not optimal for flight sims like DCS. What does the objective data show? The Rift S is only 20% denser in PPD than the Rift CV-1. But well priced. The Index is 30% denser in PPD than the Rift CV-1. Priced high for what you get in visuals. The Reverb is 130% denser in PPD than the Rift CV-1. Mid-Price level but highest clarity around. The key to relative Clarity in HMD's is PPD (Pixels Per Degree) - Check the chart linked below. If you're primarily DCS and other flight sims, the Reverb is your best choice here. (Circa. 8/2019) Significantly clearer than any of the other headsets today. Period. If you want to spot tankers at 20 miles, ground targets at 10K+, call the ball clearly from more than 1 mile behind the Stennis - that's the Reverb. If you're using PD higher than 1 in DCS, and using any MSAA - then you're mushing pixels to get the illusion of clarity in a lower rez VR HMD. Then you aren't getting the Clarity you may think you have. Any of these is not likely to be your last HMD. The tech is rapidly changing and every 6 months something else will arrive. Good news is, used sells well. https://vr4dcs.com/2019/08/01/vr-hmd-specs-compare/
  13. Hello all. I'm building a Blog to house knowledge collected from various squadrons, pilots, and points from these forums, about using and optimizing VR in DCS. This includes some Rig tuning and settings. I'm hoping to consolidate knowledge and make a starting point for new pilots or pilots new to VR or pilots looking to optimize their VR experience. While this is early and very much a WIP, feel free to visit. I'm constructing it in more of an instructional fashion, especially for folks with less technical experience. Certainly, your mileage may vary on these if you're already very technical. Feedback so far has been good. This info has already been helpful to many of our pilots, enhancing their VR capabilities and flying experience. Thanks! -=Thud=- https://vr4dcs.com/
  14. Kneeboard nonfunctional Great Mod! The kneeboard doesn't seem to get past the first page. Won't advance. Also wouldn't open in Kneeboard builder. (yes I mapped a button for Fwd/Back) Thoughts?
  15. I don't expect it works the same in VR. (so, I haven't tried it in VR yet. But as I don't use the pilot body and I do use KneeBoard builder, so it probably won't be the same for me anyway.) Though my post was about detail, and I appreciate folks thoughts about getting more detail and about the Kneeboard capabilities in the F-18 now. Waaay too much interest on my part as a Harrier driver and sometimes Bug driver.:pilotfly:
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