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  1. At night, when Mono mode is selected on the MPD, if you select the DIG chart on the TSD, it is shown in color. I am not sure if this is as designed - just didn't seem right.
  2. The new video (4/27/22) is just amazing. But there's something missing... Any chance we could get LSE's for helicopters in the super carrier? As a former LSE (HS-11/ CVN-65 and CV-67), this would be freaking awesome to see!!
  3. IIRC, the aircraft is essentially totaled afterward. The spare parts and useful repairable items would be stripped to be reused. I could be wrong about this though.
  4. I have rigged that barrier countless times in the middle of the night. NEVER once for an aircraft. Lots of drills. I think you'd be hard pressed to find instances where they have actually been used over the last 50 years... maybe only a handful. But - I agree.. will be the preferred method for people recovering online
  5. forgive my stupidity - what's left outstanding? Seems to be mostly complete to me..
  6. Getting an error: OpenXR Call failed, aborting. c:\users\jabbah\document\open-composite-acc\ocovr\openvr_Api.cpp:298 VR_IsHmdPresent. Error code: -13 xrCreateInstance(&createInfo, &tmp_instance) Anyone have any ideas? Using Odyssey Plus...
  7. That's just simply not the case in real life...... If the CPG and PLT can't speak frankly... is this sim even that real?
  8. Just figured the new AH64 pilots here would enjoy these. This guy's videos got me through helicopter flight school... maybe you guys will find some benefit to it as well! https://www.youtube.com/c/HelicopterLessonsIn10MinutesorLess/videos
  9. SilverDragon - I have always appreciated your great work. Hopefully you don't mind me taking the liberty to correct this a bit so that Native and non-native english speakers understand a bit more clearly... again, I mean no disrespect - you do amazing work, I just would like to help. Please delete if not allowed. - Eagle Dynamics has an international Team with contractors in many countries. Company is based in Switzerland, not Russia. - Develop modules has been made faster due to use of better APIs, larger teams and use of SMEs. - More SMEs involved on AH64 module development with better info about open sources. - There is a Closed Beta Team for better QA of development products. - FLIR is a common API, across all platforms(?) - Systems and Avionics development by entire teams, not one or two people. - ED has increase the numbers of the staff and it has helped quality of the product as a whole - Very early to talk about a Apache A version, now concentrated on D variant. (Chuck note: Wags did not confirm this but he didn't rule it out) - The Fire control radar, the SCR and the interflight data link will be the follow systems on the Apache after EA release - Another helicopter is in the pipeline, no comments yet. - BS3 has been very much in development and will provide a new standard for modeling in DCS . More detail coming when AH-64D has been released. - Updates on old helos (as multicrew on Mi-8) is a matter of resources - Wags did not rule this being something for the future but there are other priorities - AI is very high priority, nothing has been ignored but again is a matter of time and resources. - Hook on Apache D will be removable after EA. - Better physics on the Hook has planned. - ED has the goal of better VR. - Pilot body comming after EA. Will implement a new animation system. - Infantry models coming after AH-64 Pilots. - Copilot AI George has based initially on Petrovik AI, but better refined and modified based on AH-64 work. Upcoming Wags video will be George AI. On Gunner seat, you can get pilots orders to hover, BOB up, cruise and transition mode. Command menu has not an intrusive system. That coming after EA release. - GS and argumentation system on AH-64 was need a lot of work. - Next Fixed Wing module has AI "George / Petrovik" system adapted to aircrafts, more elegant menus and easy to use. (Chuck note: I think Wags basically told us a fixed wing, multicrew aircraft is in the works from DCS... likely the C130 but That's my speculation) - No retrofit of "George" on previous helos, it was built exclusive to the Apache. Meanwhile, Petrovik can be adapted to Ka-50 - AH-64D has no Link16 datalink system, will not be able to share info with A-10C. That can share info with other Apaches and Jtac. (Chuck note: Wags commented that the Link16 datalink system was very much a key upgrade with E model AH64's) - PreSetting maps coming after EA - VR cueling (monocle) system can configured on left, right and both eyes. - NVG system in game has room to tune them. (Chuck note: SME's are very happy with the NVG system but they've commented that there is still room for improvement) - ED does not want to repeat the problems with the Viper EA release by the public pressure, and has centered on release a quality product. - APKWS rocket is inaccurate for this model Apache release - F-16 HARMs on inner pilons, ED got info about some USAF units that wired inner pylons to allow for HARMs and others not, that was already implemented as an option in a previous release. - ED asks for patience with the delays. Some item take more time to develop and Covid affected them on terms of staff availability. This was the cause of the delay of the AH64 to January / Q1 2022. - Some features such as dynamic campaign take longer times to develop; however there are dedicated staff working full time on code, front end and more. - Vulkan is actually more important with multicore. There is a dedicated staff working this full time as well. It is all code so there is nothing to show for progress of the Team's work. No dates yet for this. (Chuck Note: Wags made mention that Multicore was a much greater priority here) - Multicore will bring a big performance improvements. - Wags has the policy of not talking about 3rd party development. - Wags expected some day, an F/A-18E is possible. (Chuck note: He didn't rule it out but he also did not confirm it.) - Wags will not discuss the mystery Helicopter. - Persistence Multi-Player Dynamic campaing has the pinnacle of better gameplay on DCS, Wags says - Second has improve AI with some progress, that continue evolved with the ground AI - Others comunicantion got improved as futhers ATC, ready to go as the comunication system. - Very dedicated team building Whole World technology maps. - Better optimization on actual and future maps (that been affected with Multicore tecnology will release). - Marianas WW2 map has on progress. - No compresed map planned, that will be intent build on a future a streaming Cloud based data map system (very long future). - Next step on weather system is moving cloud fronts, stratocumulus clouds, (cloud/Fog) sensor blocking. New weather interface has no seen yet. (Chuck note: Wags mentioned he has not even seen a new interface yet) - A very talent AI engineer is working on the AI flight maneuvers and slowly making improvements.
  10. Apparently South Atlantic Map may not be so far off....... (source: RAZBAM discord)
  11. This may be a wishlist item, but will we have NVG position lights? Did the AH64 have an IR search light as well?
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