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  1. The last time I checked toggle buttons or functions need some code supplied by the module itself to keep track of the state of the switch.
  2. Thanks. Seems like the forum editor does not like those.
  3. v0.4.3.1 Hotfix - Hotfix for those who do not have Marians Map installed (if you have the map installed, you don't need this hotfix) - Adjusted Logs - Download in first post
  4. I was getting an odd os.time() conversion, possibly due to timezones. I changed the code at line 121 to: table.insert(_listMessages, { --message = formatTime(os.time()), -- default way to do it message = os.date("%H:%M:%S"), skin=_yellowText, height = 20 }) and it works well for me. The default method was a few hours off.
  5. Hot fix for those who do not have the Marinas map. The file goes in Saved Games/DCS/Scripts/Hooks. Edit: Look at the next post in this thread. There was a typo in the exception line, 145. If you aren't having the issue, no need to hotfix. Will merge into the downloads later.
  6. I haven’t tried yet. I suggest comparing all of the lua versions you have and seeing what may be different. If nothing appears odd you can take the new file and add things one at a time. If something breaks, you know where it went wrong.
  7. I, too, enjoy options so that people with all types of controllers or controlling methods, such as VoiceAttack, all have the ability use the bids that did them best. Something that I did for the UH-60L binds, for example was to include all ofthe following for a command: Toggle - one button for on and off depending on the current state Discrete On/Off - one button for on, a different for off increase/decrease - one button flips the switch positively through its range, a different button flips the switch negatively through the range cycle - one buttons flips the switch positively through the range until the end of the range. When the button is then pressed again the switch cycles back to the beginning of the range. For a few of these, two way switches result in the same types of actions. The above options really benefit with three way switches. Buttons that modulelate what would be an in game Axis also apply, such as the Primary Lights Knob in the Apache.
  8. I took a look at the description. Nice work and thank you for the shout out. I am glad the info has been put to good use. Your start contains almost everything my modded one does, and a little more too. I there are two notable differences. One is that I “spam” the master caution/warnings such that they never go off more than once. The other tips that the very last step in my autostart is the boresight process. To be precise, I stop at the point where the pilot lines up the helmet and presses Cursor Enter. Looking forward to using your autostart and the goodies within!
  9. Thank you for the kind words! I’ll admit, I may have spent a few too many hours with some projects, but seeing people like yourself appreciate and enjoy them make it worth every minute. While you “don’t do a ‘whole’ lot”, what you have done will be used for the community, or a few more energy drinks
  10. v0.4.2 as been released - Added: - All DCS Maps for Export - All Cities to DTC database - All Airports to DTC database - All significant F10 map areas to DTC database - All Navaid Identifiers to DTC database (use the Identifier switch near "name" to enable)
  11. v0.4.1 has been released - Added Auto-fill for waypoint lat/long based on F10 Map names
  12. There’s an ancient post somewhere in the forums that boiled down to something like 8 knots down the pipe will work for switching all Caucasus runways except permanent ones, which at the time included the one or two south of Anapa due to the mountain behind the runways. Speeds below 8kts can be prone to a tailwind on the preferred runway (which isn’t rare irl).
  13. Nope. Busy with other stuff. You can see most of the progress in the git. I posted all my pics, images, and lua.
  14. Showcase video added: Oh, and v0.4.0 released! v0.4.0 Updates - Added a Get Coords hotkey, Ctrl+Shift+F2 by default. You can bind the keybind hotkey to your controller or HOTAS using a 3rd party program like Voice Attack (https://voiceattack.com/). - Enabled Syria DTC for the M-2000C - If you are having some issues upgrading from v0.3.0 to v0.4.0, delete your C:\Users...\Saved Games\DCS\Config\DMPS.config file and restart DCS. v0.3.0 Updates - Added Integrated App DTC Import - Changed the color of the Integrated App for readability
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