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  1. Need help with above commands. Follow/unfollow/hold. I want troops to load into 2 ch53, each helicopter its own group. Once loaded, the ch53 will wait until you, the player in an apache, starts and takes off. Once you clear a trigger, the ch53 will take off. You as the apache will escort the 2 ch53, #2 following #1 to a waypoint. At that waypoint #1 lands and unloads while #2 unfollows to go land and unload at an across hillside. I already have the troops set up to load, and i am able to set them to unload, and I can set #2 to follow #1. What I am confused about is how to set the hold and unfollow commands
  2. well the TGP will already calculate the elevation of the ground to place the markpoint. I can say in the A10 using the laser will make it a bit more accurate but not much. Id assume it would be the same with the f16. The only time you really have to fire the laser for markpoint or GPS guided weapons is if you want to specifically hit the roof of a building or bridge
  3. I plan on trying to spawn a heli off a ship and see if it'll work with the apache. Just haven't done it yet
  4. thats actually where I am taking a lot of inspiration from haha
  5. So I am currently working on some missions for the upcoming apache that I can turn into a campaign. The theme I am currently working on is based in Georgia (since not everyone has every map). Russian is trying to bring Georgia back into the fold by using proxy nations in the Middle East to supply weapons, arms, and fighters to start an insurrection. Towards the middle or end of the campaign I may have Russia make a limited invasion to "quell" the rebel uprising. Some of the mission types I have planned are convoy attack, compound attack, convoy escort, medevac escort. So my question is, what kind of missions would you, the eventual players, like to see?
  6. Thanks. So if I understand the "OR" statement in this, each block acts as a group, and by adding OR between each block, then the victory conditions (or whatever else) is triggered by 1 of the specific blocks. Not all of them
  7. Building some missions for upcoming apache module. Current mission, you have to take off and attack a small compound and destroy 6 ammo crates inside. I have an SA-9 on 15% chance to activate with a trigger and a Shilka on 25%. Having some confusion setting triggers for mission complete: When Ammo crates are destroyed, flag 4 turns on. IF SA9 spawns, flag 1 turns on, and when it is destroyed flag 5 turns on IF Shilka spawns, flag 2 turns on, and when it is destroyed flag 6 turns on Now for victory, The ammo has to be destroyed, and IF either the shilka or SA9 spawns they have to be destroyed. I have victory set to win when flag 4 turns on. But I am confused on how to go about setting the win conditions to include If shilka spawns, it has to be destroyed and IF SA9 spawns, it has to be destroyed. What I want to do is have a message pop up saying mission complete return to base, once you land the mission ends.
  8. As the title says, I want to create some missions for the upcoming apache and possibly turn them into a campaign. Its been ages since ive done anything serious with the editor besides add a few units, and well, use it or lose it. So I need some help with trigger information mainly as well as others. Either answering how to or point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Here are the mission types I would like to make. 1. Simple seek and destroy - Take off, find a uni/units, kill them and return. 2. Convoy Escort - Escort a friend ground convoy through an area. Multiple triggers to start an ambush. At ambush, convoy stops, troops dismount and fight. Then remount and drive off after the enemy is dead. I want X% chance each ambush is triggered, if it doesnt trigger than the next site the chance is greater. If it IS triggered, the next site the chance is lowered. 3. SAR - A friendly jet is "shot down" and you are to escort the SAR helicopter to the location and back. 4. How would I add images to briefing, voice recording for immersion, and make it into a campaign instead of several SP missions? Thanks in advanced!
  9. i havent tried it on the 16. i know it works in the a10 for repair. in the a10, i connect ground power, stop both engines, turn off battery and reapir. ground power keeps systems, thus nav, on
  10. have the ground crew connect ground electrical power before you shut down. Itll keep your systems running
  11. Just picked up a pimax 8k. Those of you who own one, what are your settings to get a good balance between frames and clean beautiful image. My system: Amd 5950x Radeon 6800xt 64g ram
  12. FireManDan


    In the last dev report they mentioned the 114k. So we may be getting the k before L, working on k at the moment, or simply not getting L
  13. How well can you read dials and text in the aircraft with both headsets?
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