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  1. Just pretend that China and the US went to war and enlisted Russia's help. Most if not all MP PvP servers will have much more "mental gymnastics" when it comes to aircraft selection for each side, much like they do now. Hopefully we'll get some Japanese warbirds in the future. I also sincerely hope that this map is optional for download is it would seem cruel and unusual to force a free product on those who insist it's no good. There's a sating quite a few "fans" of DCS should learn. "never look a gift horse in the mouth" seriously, google it.
  2. Under "Rules" portion of the first post of the Satal 2019 forum you will find the following near the bottom of the list "- Pilots flying in the Gold League are allowed to fly a limited number of rounds/matches in the Diamond League if they have a team present in both leagues. However, Gold League pilots are limited to 3 rounds total for the year of Diamond League play while still maintaining eligibility to continue participating in the Gold League. If I pilot flies anymore than 3 rounds, even partial, of Diamond League play, they will be deemed ineligible to continue flying in the Gold League and will have to finish out the season as strictly an Diamond League competitor." And the very last rule on the list is "Diamond League rostered pilots are not allowed to compete in the Gold League. Rosters will be checked throughout the year" With the rules regarding playing in both gold and diamond league (even with in the squadron) it would seem prudent to ask if it is ok to do so. I personally am unfamiliar with any organized "sport" where playing for two teams in the same "season" is allowed. Even in youth leagues where everyone gets a trophy, you play for one team per "season" not as many as you'd like to play for.
  3. Where in the world did you get this idea stuck in your head that any legacy hornet ever received or is planning to receive an AESA radar? Are you referring to an upcoming module? I understand Razbam is doing an early block f the F-15E so I don't think we'll be seeing AESA there. Would be cool if ED did a super hornet or FF upgraded F-15 though, then we'd get some AESA goodness :)
  4. Looks like the F-18 broke the stats for flight hours for the tour, it's been stuck at 839:59 for a week
  5. "no changes fore the official tour" - Buddy spike staff Broken Mirage patch introduced 4 days into official round. ~971 flight hours and 422 pilots on Blue team VS 1456 flight hours and 561 pilots on Red team. 2000's hardware vs 1980's and early 90's hardware. 4 flight of F/A-18 = 24xJSOW A, 8xJSOW C, 8xAIM-120c, 8xAIM-9x and more S/A than any "Acers Kom bats" arcade BS. Learn the true meaning of "fair and balanced" - PRICELESS
  6. It does seem stronger, are you sure they haven't been trying to fix it? That would honestly make me happier than no changes. The reverse ground effect has been known about for nearly a year.
  7. Success, here's a very simple trk file, I'll try and get one like this from the blue flag server too if all you need is data from the ground. SATAL_2019_BANDAR-ABUDHABI_v111-20190607-191957.trk
  8. It's seems really super dupper easy to replicate, maybe somebody from ED has 5 mins to try too? Don't think anyone is not having this issue.
  9. I am also having the same issue, here's a trk file, I'll try to find other servers where the hornet is attached to "opfor factions" in game as that seems to be the problem. Welp I'll try and figure out a way to get the file size down :(
  10. Thousands of dollars in prizes is a lot of motivation to cheat. What's to prevent these same pilots from merely not logging onto twitch (or creating multiple accounts) and continuing to cheat?
  11. I never let me customers bitch or complain to get there way. I do however take any and legitimate concerns, questions or errors very seriously. I never show disrespect to my customers even if they are acting like spoiled children, and some of them do, and their not just adults, some of the loudest are senior citizens (wealthy ones at that). The point AspenGrey was making far better than I was that it's prudent to seek the path of least resistance when your dealing with customers of your business. Actually Aspen also made the point that it's generally a good way to deal with anyone life. So can you point out exactly where Aspen was wrong in regards to the ideas he put forth (I get that you think he shouldn't have posted in the first place). I'll point out that Aspen's suggested "tactics" are those used by some of the most successful businesses on the planet. Feel free to link my some Forbes or Business Insider articles that support your idea zhukov, I'd truly be interested in reading them.
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