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  1. Hi again! When i Lock a target, be it in TWS or in RWS the airspeed of my target gets displayed wrong, currently its displayed in Ground Speed or True Air Speed, but it should be Calibrated Airspeed. Even your Manual says it is in CAS. I have attached some images as evidence. Cheers, Cookie
  2. AFAIK, Engine Simulation is still being worked on, same with SEC Mode.. if you snap your throttle to mil power, your engine RPM stalls, vs IRL it should follow your throttle command without stalling. as i said.. the whole engine simulation is WIP
  3. Hi i've encountered a bug where the AOA system does not constantly 0 degrees with weight on nose landing gear. Currently it just displays the current AOA as if it was flying. I believe this behaviour to be incorrect. This applies to HUD AOA,indicator, and indexer lights. Reference: TO GR1F-16CJ-1/Section 1/AOA System. and Section 1/Landing Gear Weight-on-Wheels (WOW) Switches I've attached a Trackfile to demonstrate the bug. Maybe a bug, maybe simply not yet implemented because WIP, nevertheless, it's not correct currently. Cookie Edit: Added References AOA.trk
  4. same with Kingsfield which should be 06/24 instead of 06/23 i just checked
  5. hi guys! i checked the runway headings at akrotiri and something doesn't seem right.. i took a look at runway 10.. great! i took a look at runway 32.. wait .. something feels off.. 100° + 180° is 280°.. unless i am doing something wrong in my head, which i don't believe.. after checking google earth and bing maps the right runway heading should be indeed 10/28 instead of 10/32 i hope this gets ironed out in one of the following updates other than that i have to congratulate Ugra Media on the map update! good performance and beautiful scenery! Cookie
  6. man i really wish ED would remake the caucasus, but i doubt that'll happen in the near/mid future; they've already got enough on their plate already with the other maps -reject using real charts - yeah my squadron adapted by correcting the runway headings on our charts by the error but thanks for the explanation all!
  7. This is not correct. True heading doesn't exist in DCS (the simulation) as a concept. i don't understand.. why is the editor and f10 map then showing true headings ? is it grid heading then? , like you mentioned afterwards ? ok you are right, they are grid headings, but would the difference between grid heading and true heading and flat + curved make as much difference as 6° ? this is in my eyes far too convenient to call it a coincidence considering all you've said, which i believe is correct, let me explain my standpoint: i want to be able to fly tacan approaches to an airport, using real world jeppesen charts, this works fine with PG,NTTR and Syria, but it does not work with Caucasus because i always end up offset by 6-7° depending on location, which is also the magnetic declination.. let's stay with kutaisi 07, so to approach runway 07 i'd set the needle to (according to RL charts) a course of 074°.. i approached and was off by +6° i tried the same approach again but now with a course of 68° and now it works.. my problem here is that i don't understand where the 68° come from.. my first explanation would be that DCS Georgia uses the RL magnetic heading as Grid Heading (<- see i corrected it ) and this is actually the only possible explanation that came to mind.. this problem like i said earlier only persists on Georgia, as i can always line up my aircraft with the runway no problem in the other maps, using real life charts.. and yes, the problem may be amplified because of the actual flat modelling but still i don't believe that it's coincidence, given that DCS georgias true heading differs as much as 6 degrees from real life.. This doesn't sound right. If this is the case then the other airfields are oriented incorrectly. Why would they be oriented incorrecty ? charts are made using magnetic headings, and these magnetic headings do correspond by what is represented in the airplane's magnetic heading. ( i wasn't talking about the f-10map/editor) And that's another point of clarification, so far you are only talking about airfield orientations. This doesn't make any conclusions about the orientation of the entire map. that's the thing.. i am not sure if the airfields are misaligned or the whole map is misaligned.. the only facts i can go off is the runway headings. all being said, you do understand what i am trying to point out, don't you?
  8. Hi guys! This is an issue i've always had a difficulties with, and it always felt off when flying on the caucasus map. Let's take Kutaisi airport runway 07 for example: https://imgur.com/KOualyn https://imgur.com/uDsLhq6 i've put an f-16 on the runway and low and behold it states a true heading of 74° on the DED and a magnetic heading of 67 or 68 in the hud depending on the date https://imgur.com/71d8yGu that means that headings in the mission editor and the f10 map are true headings after checking skyvector, which displays magnetic headings it showed that kutaisi had a magnetic heading of 74° and after checking pilotnav, it revealed that the true heading would be 79.8° https://imgur.com/dtzebJg https://imgur.com/qDYUTLb https://skyvector.com/airport/UGKO/Kutaisi-Airport http://www.pilotnav.com/airport/UGKO after checking jeppesen charts, it says again: runway heading 074° which again.. is magnetic..IRL.. but heading 074° in DCS:Georgia is TRUE https://imgur.com/a/dYhv7PW i also checked with the other terrains such as NTTR and PG and every heading correspond to the real life headings i've added the Nellis AFB for completeness' sake: https://imgur.com/a/AYUX5pN https://skyvector.com/airport/LSV/Nellis-AFB-Airport http://www.pilotnav.com/airport/KLSV and here it says explicitly TRUE heading, which corresponds with the True heading in the DED checking the charts it says 209.2° which is magnetic, which roughly corresponds with our magnetic heading indicated in the viper (the slight variation is date-dependant) https://imgur.com/a/DreVpuO so in conclusion we have now learnt that DCS:Georgia uses the real life Magnetic heading as True Heading if the problem still is unclear please ask, and i shall try to make it more clearer
  9. looks more like a devbuild to me, i could be wrong though.. I've also taken a look into the lua files and while i got the Viper to carry JDAMS, JSOWS and other good stuff, they don't release, supposedly because the SMS logic still isn't integrated yet. We have to give the developers some time; yesterday's update with the SPI-fix has shown that the developers are working really hard to bring us a Viper, that matches the real one as closely as possible. We will get the JDAMS, just not today edit: video is supposedly made on DCS Open Beta
  10. Exploooooosion!

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