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  1. it happened to me, too, same issue on F-18
  2. I have the same issue. Was trying to take it down with my Ka-50 but none of the weapon worked. The worse thing was that I couldn't even track and lock it with my SHKVAL. emmmmmm. I finally tried to hit it with my ka-50, and it just passed through me without any collision and damage...
  3. Is there any way to let the ED notice this?
  4. A simple solution will be adding an options for Bs3, so players can enable or disable the third pylons or additional features in BS3. We won't be able to get the exact modern Ka-50 within next 10 years at least. in this case, as long as ED remain the original ka-50, and upgrade the textures and models, I will just buy BS3.
  5. Just took some time to finish this, and it was uploaded to User Files just now. It may take one or tow days so you can find the file in User Files section. License belongs to ED, so don't use it for any other purpose. (Don't know if this can be distributed or not, just disclaim) Hope you will like it, for me, this is all my memory. The pic below is the 1080P version, which will match the DCS 2.5 perfectly.
  6. Today I tried the trial of Mirage 2000, and had a dogfight with mig-29 and su-27(a quick mission), I finally managed to shoot down all of them. However, a weird thing is that my vertical stabilizer was destroied during the fight and it was totally missing. And I can still fly this injured bird smoothly and fluently like normal, which means there was no any effect caused because of missing a vertical stabilizer.:(:(:( Is this a problem of flight model??? as you can see below, the mirage flies like nothing happened. Also I attach a trk file here. Mirage dogfight vertical wing missing.trk
  7. Yeah, mig-29 got its new textures, A10 and F15 got their variated version, su-25 is free to play, so the only one left is Su-27 or Su-33. I don't know how to define the word "milestone " that Ed mentioned in the post, But for DCS, the milestone should be flanker because it's the first plane they simulated.
  8. Full sim, you should rotate the propeller during starting the engine
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