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  1. I meant Time acceleration during Track playback - into point when playback is unstable. But yes, in both instances it can make things:-)
  2. If I remember correct, "track" is not replay. its more or less some log of actions which are executed same way. But lot of variables come in - like pc stutter, units moving a little differently and so. Just speed the track up into unstable freezing and you will probably see things. Edit: Correct me, if I am mistaken
  3. Tested today, the shaking is really "big". But for me, as VR player not using mouse to click buttons but just looking on the buttons with center of mi view, its not problem, because the screen is actually shaking with the pointer in same manner, so it always stand on the same spot. Thats why it didnt feeled so bad for me. Also in VR one si used to not being able to be perfectly still with his head
  4. I dont have that much shaky experience, although I am not using CDU during fly (low-experience), but i can easily use UFC to change code of laser on my TGP even with VR zoom during fly. I have totally unmodded game and play only SP. from RL flying i am pretty unskilled, i described just one single fly i had, and it was probably in light turbulences during climbing into hills. I just wanted to say that i expect a little shaking of airplane during take off, climbing etc. but not as severe as you guys describe here. I probably dont encounter this bug.
  5. Okay, I am not sure what you have in game, i have some shaking during takeoff but then it disappear (or i get naturally use to it, who knows - I didnt played since i read this post to focus on it). I am playing in Rift S. You are right that heavy jet cant be shaky as 500 kilogram ultralight:-D, have the same experience as you - as passenger in airliner. Edit: I am playing usually with windy conditions and turbulences 1.5 m/s (15 in settings), dont know if that can be reason / shake strenght definer?
  6. And i thought it is a feature. Actually, it feels more real, than a perfectly smooth behaviour. Lot of times I have been wondering why it is modelled on mig-21 only. I flew in ultralight in RL (being able to actually pilot it for a while), and it was definetly more shaky than the perfectly smooth fly with most of the DCS modules. Maybe the problem is that the shake in DCS is actually not on plane, but rather on instrument panels, which is probably weird.
  7. Didnt played for a months now, but mostly I stop because of VR quality. be it optimalization or just tech capacity. Multiplayer is unplayable. Single player, I dont know, the scripts fail so often, that I cant enjoy campaigns anymore. Waiting for trigger not triggering any time. So, as VR player. Single player is sadly only option, but it is a little flawed - the AI enemies, scripts etc. the vr quality itself. I am in state when I cant enjoy flatscreen neither VR. So I am probably just waiting if tech advance. And I just make couple of A to B flights a year to remember and give use to all that hardware:-) From the list, definetly: 1. VR optimalization (not on list, sorry) 2. Dynamic Campaign 3. ATC Thanks
  8. From A/C Early Access Forum: Is there AI like Petrovich? This is planned for later on in Early Access
  9. Skipping mission in campaigns from menu or play them as single missions anytime ? Cant imagine feature, which made me more happy in long time. Maybe i give DCS a shot after couple of months. good job devs.
  10. I am not sure, but maybe the start time could be problem? if the time is yet to come, and you choose that slot, you wait till the time come. If I remember correctly. (the bottom line of your setting on the picture)
  11. Got problems with update. From Log: 00063.280 ERROR: UNPACK_FAIL: (8836)->[GzipError: inflate: (-3) incorrect data check] F:\DCS World OpenBeta\_downloads\Mods/terrains/Normandy/Surface/Normandy1944s.surface5 00064.465 STATUS: inflate: (-3) incorrect data check Deleting the mentioned file didnt helped. Any advice please? Thanks EDIT: Did repair, have to download 26Gbs again :\. see if it happend again, maybe disk space problem. EDIT2: Repair, clean some space, redownload helped. autoupdate_log.txt
  12. Forgot to say, I am a VR player. Thought it is a VR only bug, but its actually on flatscreen too. How could this be so long in game ? come on.
  13. Just tried to do quick sighteseeing over mariana. And this hit me like hell. Wasnt flying for some time though. I can choose time to try flying Very Disgusting bug
  14. Avoid Rift S in my honest opinion. If youre from EU, i would sell you mine with discount gladly:-)
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