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  1. Thank you Deka for taking the time and having in mind the people who speak Spanish because in recent times we do not see anything translated into Spanish officially
  2. My nightmares comes true. Why we have to suffer people who cry saying that the SD-10 is OP and they don't cry because the AIM-120 is badly recreated? ED don't do this with this module and fix the AIM-120.
  3. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YreMZpDAyNnSAFddkCUrwSHzA-OESASF Here do you have the track
  4. Hey one question about the TWCS, Did you use the wheel axis for antenna elevation?
  5. Hi again here do you have the video. Thanks Link:
  6. I'm with the canopy open and I can't enter in a neutral airfield P.D: The refuel starts but stucks at 15% and other players in other airfields have the same problem
  7. Hi, the ground refuel stucks at 15% Multiplayer Server: BlueFlag Map: Persian Gulf
  8. Hi, in the wheel axis I binded the antenna elevation axis but it doesnt work well, when I move this axis forward or backward the antenna elevation stays at the last position but whe I move a little bit more forward or backward it goes to de maximun range of antenna elevation. Thanks in advance P.D: The same thing happens in the F-18.
  9. Then we conclude that it's not my mistake it's simply DCS...
  10. Well, my friend told me that the ILS never is turned off, in some airfields, the ILS localizer is used for the opposite runway. He pointed that it's not common that thing but it exist
  11. But why did they turn off the ILS? I think it would be better if it's always on In civil sims, the ILS is always on and in real life I don't know, but I'm going to ask a friend
  12. I don't have any type of ILS brand either in the HUD or in the artificial horizon. It just doesn't work
  13. Okay but the ILS indications in the HUD? PS: Thanks to all
  14. Of course, I set the APP mode and the appropriate ILS frequency, I know that the synthetic field appears when you have a WP landing at the airport, but I think if you only have the TACAN frequency and the ILS would have to be working properly, no?
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