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  1. hey guys, does anyone know if anyone is making 3D videos of their arial exploits using their VR setup? its a bit early for me to jump into the VR realm, but i would love to be able to put on some 3D goggles and watch a 3D video of DCS gameplay
  2. hey Gary, the previous screen grab you sent on the virpil interface setting did the trick, when i start up dcs now i can see the additional joystick assignments, so pretty pleased with that, not sure what the script files you sent will do additionally, but i will drop them in and see what they do, many thanks for your help
  3. come on now, you cant tell me you wouldnt want to fly around in this. it can even do the SU 57 horizontal spin https://youtu.be/PfMAbklyXwA
  4. wow, i am gobsmacked, thanks so much, i will implement this today and give it a whirl, hopefully this will solve this issue and i can just get on with playing, i will let you know how i go
  5. hey gary, any chance you can describe how to get to this screen?, i used this prog during initial setup, but cant seem to navigate to this screen TIA
  6. treasure

    Mod Manager

    hey guys, i saw in a video somewhere that there is a mod manager somewhere, i have never been able to make a mod work properly despite following the instructions as best as i can, then i see gameplay videos of every mod under the sun and i think, wtf am i doing wrong, i even uninstalled open beta, as its only purpose was that i could use mods .... which i cant. ok, backstory out the way. if this mod manager exists it could solve my problem and i can then fly to 100,00 feet in the SU57, does anyone know how to find it, and if it works well? TIA
  7. thanks Gary, i may well go down this road if the result i get back from TM isnt at least the same as my current experience. if i understand what you say, i implement these settings, then do i still need to implement the script work as described in an earlier post? latest update, i get an email from france saying Dear Customer, We confirm the successful delivery of your parcel. Our processing times are temporarily extended. You will receive a confirmation upon shipment of your repaired product within approximately 15 days. this morning i wake up to an email saying its been dispatched, on its way back to me, now its getting exciting, or maybe i just need to get a life.
  8. i also play msfs a little, and it cant see the base properly, so i have to fiddle with settings too much, i know there is a fix for this, but seems a bit complicated for me. when the TM one comes back, if its not as good as virpil, it goes to storage nice job, i also have the softer spring, so if they fix it there is a good chance i will end up with a good result
  9. would love to see this beast available, it outdoes the existing F16 in virtually every specification (except price) has similar looking delta wing like Mirage
  10. after this base got stiffer than ever to move after i stripped it down to sand off the burrs i got in touch with TM support. they asked for a video, which i made (of the joystick u deviats) anyhow, they wrote back and said its genuinly broken - still under warranty. they send me a UPS docket to send it to France for repair, well i was totally gobsmacked. after being frustrated with their hardware for so long all is forgiven by the entertainment value of sending the unit to france and the very gracious apologies from TM, however, i wont put up with any more letdowns, if its not working properly when it comes back ( and to be honest i dont really care if i never see it again - it can disappear over the side of the earth for all i care) then i will just box it up and it can live out the rest of its days in a dusty spider web corner of my garage. the stick now resides on a virpil warbird base, which has the exact right feel for me, but i would prefer to have the TM one in use if possible - the videos i have seen after deburring says it should have the perfect responses i am looking for
  11. hi guys, after stripping the joystick base down, sanding, greasing and all that stuff, i began reassembling it. when i just put the spring over the gimble and pushed it down to simulate the top plate holding the spring down, the gimble became very stiff to move, way way more stiff than when i started. its so stiff that its virtually unusable. i fully reassembled it, problem persisted. i ended up getting a virpil base as i could not fix it, i have decided to have another go at fixing it, as hardware in the same device from different manufacturers makes the device unrecognisable to the auto button allocations functionality. hope someone can help, i have poured hours of my life into this black hole with no solution in sight.
  12. hi all, as i could never fix the TM sticktion problem satisfactorily, i use the TM stick on Virpil base, problem is not all flight sims can recognise this combo, hence i have to setup all the designations manually, as i dont want to be doing this, i am considering buying the Virpil stick to go on its base. question is, how do you guys find the virpil stick? great quality?, a bit cheap? your feedback welcome TIA
  13. Hi all, can someone explain why one aircraft prefers a one circle and another a two cirle? i have seen a youtube video where this is "explained" but its still not clear for me. He talks about rate vs radius, link below, so i assume that this means that in terms of getting around a cirle there are actually 2 components of the flight model that have very different effects? TIA
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