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  1. So as the title of this topic says AI AV-8b's are unable to take off and keeps crushing. Here's the thing.I've created a simple mission on the Syria map where i stampled on this weard problem. On the mission i have 2 squadrons of AI f-18's (4 F-18A whith SEAD objectives and 4 F/A-18C with fighter sweep objectives and a E2 AWAC all of the activated through radio menu) and they are operating from a Super Carrier.They work smooth as butter....triggers and everything. I also have 1 squadron (4 aicrafts) of AI AV-8B harriers operating either from TARAWA LH-1 or the Juan Carlos L61 (also activated through radio menu) and on mission ONLY the leading AI Harrier manage to make a succefull take off the other 3 goes to "drink"(nope they are not heavy loaded....keep reading on to the next example) i also have a client AV-8B for me with a wing man on Kingsfield airfield(Cyprus)...but no matter the priority (either am the leading aircraft..or change to the AI to be the leading aircaft) ...my wing man is unble to take off...when am the leading aircraft he keeps rear end me damaging or worst and when he is the leading aicraft he keeps crashing on the fence at the end of the runway.All AV-8B are set to "veteran" no heavy loads but still can get then to the air.Any suggestions?
  2. I believe you're looking for this.It's not in PDF format but you can figure it out .https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Threat_Database
  3. As the headline says i stumbled on a bug while setting a single mission. I have 2 AI squadron on the SC to spawn when ever i please to via F10 menu trigger. On my first test run i spawned the f-18's first and after 10 sec spawned the F-14's (both of them cold start.) While the f-18's took off normal the first in line from the F-14 got stack right before catapelt one. I thought that spawning 2 squadrons with very litle time spacing might be the reason for the F-14 to stack i reload the mission and spawned just the F-14 no F-18's...and still the Tomcat got stack again. Is there a way to fix this? [img]https://i.imgur.com/JR5u1Q6.jpg[/img]
  4. Thank dark_wood for the reply Found the culprit On my first trigger argument had to change radio item "group"(the culprit) in to radio item coalition. That did the trick..now my F10 menu contains all my appointed aircraft units ready to spawn. Found a bug also on the Super Carrier.My F-14 squadron is unable to maneuver and make it to the catapelt.... the deck is clear of any kind of static objects and not clustered by any spawned units. Thanks again mate Cheers
  5. Okey here is the thing am building a single players mission where am trying to spawn some airplane units,some of the in land bases and some of them onboard naval vessels(SC).I have succefully manage in other mission builds of mine to spawn airboard units via F10 menu(radio item action) but they where single units(Reaper for JTAC or KC130 for AAR) but on this current mission am trying to spawn squadron o 4 units,pairs of 2 units and singles. In total i have created 5 occasion of spawning but for the life of me seem that i cant make it to work.At first i thought that it was imposable to spawn squdrons of 4 but on a test run the only functional units was my AV-8B squadron out of the Tarawa.I feedle on the ME with the "late activation" check boxes and on the next run the AV-8b's where gone and the pair of 2 of my Mirage's appeared on the F10menu.All units are checked as "uncontroled"...all units have been set with a "start" trigger on the main menu of the unit.(not to be confused with the actuall trigger menu). On the main trigger menu all units are using the same arguments and are as follow: 1trigger "once"---conditions "none"---actions "radio item push"-"flag x""value z" 1Trigger"once"---conditions "flag equals x-z"----action "ai task push"(message to coalition and sound also but i took them out just to test) So does anyone else have issues with this? P.S.No scripts involved. Thanks
  6. Increíble mod. Señores, muchas gracias. Incredible mod gentlemen. Thank you very much.
  7. That explaines alot.Thank you very much Aernov. ***To admins of this section please move/remove my post at your discretion.
  8. Goodmorning guys Got a strange issue here.I haven't been loged for a while in the game but after the new update (2.7) got right back on the saddle.I regularly fly the AV8B but after the 2.7 update i got an idle problem.It seem that the idle of the engine is no less then 28%....its power enough to start rolling on the tarmac on an empty configuration aircraft. I tryed everything....for startes i want to say that my cutt off function works perfect on my throtles rear detent. Tryed to calibrate the throttle through the TARGET gui app but didnt worked...i even found here on this forum a Calibration tool for the thustmaster throtle which i use it but still ...no joy.I moved to fly my F/A-18 modyle and there the trotle works perfect...even the "throtlle right-left idle/off" works. So does anybody else faces a simular problem? Thank in advance.
  9. BIGNEWY Thank you sir......and.....excuse my previous outburst but coming out strong on a insignificant bug such as this was my only option at the moment. Again thank you for your time and hope the developer team adress this issue with the proper attention.
  10. #kengou yes i undestand the night operation of a FLIR but am confused when i watched all this tutorial videos on how the NAVFLIR operates on the HUD area and they did not have the problem that am having.The FLIR is a very good solution for spotting targets on a blending color enviroment.Probably Rasbam at some point updating the Harrier "fixed" the FLIR to operate only on night time.Thats to bad cause its a game breaker for me.Am using a 42" TV screen and position my self 5 feet away from it.Am not gonna stick my face on the screen just to spot target on daytime missions.I wiil put the harrier aside and move on learnig the F/A-18C. Thanks for the insight friend.
  11. Hey there fellas here is the story.Am on training missions ....A2G specificly and want to use the HUD FLIR function during day time to spot my targets but it seem that there is something wrong with the HUD every time i switch the HUD switch from "DAY/AUTO " to "NIGHT".I followed the procedure written on the manual..which is the same as the one followed on any tutorial video i have watched but never incounterd a problem like the one am having.So every time i switch the HUD switch in NIGHT time mode the HUD info disappears....wash off....you can barely seen them.(see the photos below)So what gives??? HUD on "DAY or AUTO " HUD on "NIGHT" Sensor HUD Reject/TGP on Cheers
  12. As of April 19 and after DCS World open beta update the "bort number" problem is not fixed.(picture below) Not only that but also new problems have arrived.You can see on the picture above..and below that the new problem is that while the aircraft is inside the hangar the sunlight paasses through like there is no haggar surrounding walls. What up with that??
  13. I have made another picture maybe this will help better explain what i mean On the .lua file am using the "BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz" {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_R_100", 0 ,"F18C_2_DIFF_aces",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_R_100", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C_2_DIF_RoughMet",true}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_R_100", DECAL ,"F18C_bort_number_aces",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_R_10", 0 ,"F18C_2_DIFF_aces",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_R_10", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C_2_DIF_RoughMet",true}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_R_10", DECAL ,"F18C_bort_number_aces",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_R_01", 0 ,"F18C_2_DIFF_aces",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_R_01", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C_2_DIF_RoughMet",true}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_R_01", DECAL ,"F18C_bort_number_aces",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_L_100", 0 ,"F18C_2_DIFF_aces",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_L_100", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C_2_DIF_RoughMet",true}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_L_100", DECAL ,"F18C_bort_number_aces",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_L_10", 0 ,"F18C_2_DIFF_aces",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_L_10", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C_2_DIF_RoughMet",true}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_L_10", DECAL ,"F18C_bort_number_aces",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_L_01", 0 ,"F18C_2_DIFF_aces",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_L_01", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C_2_DIF_RoughMet",true}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_KIL_Switz_L_01", DECAL ,"F18C_bort_number_aces",false};
  14. BIGNEWY I'm not having trouble with any texture..and by the way am using the official F/A-18C template.The problem lies with the bort_number.....(thats how they are descriped inside the description.lua file)...bort_number are the dynamically changable ID number of an aircraft and they are 3d modeled.As in the pictures i uploaded....(take a closer look when your are checking the left side cause the sunlight glares on the tail surface and make difficult to distinguish the bort_number)On the left side the bort_number is located at the bottom and MIDDLE of the Vertical tail while on the right side the bort_number located on the bottom and FORWARD to the vertical tail. Cheers
  15. i used the photolinked ability of the phorum but it seem not working..anyway here it is again via http link https://imgur.com/PDniia9 https://imgur.com/FVaWvMo You will see that the Bort numper on the right vertical stable finn is place in the middle while on the left vertical stable finn is placed all the way in front..almost to the front edge of the vertical stable finn.It like the 3d meshes that represent the bort numbers are misalignged. Thank you for your time. Cheers
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