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  1. can you remove the [fixed interally]? cuz thats not true, also why did you merge the threads? One issue is fixed, the other is still there...
  2. Can you reproduce the other bug? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=268730
  3. Just to be clear: we are taking about the aspect in the HUD or HMD not on the radar
  4. Look at this: Please tell me how the radar "extrapolates" the Flanker going from straight flight to being in a turn, while looking somewhere else
  5. Maybe the two problems have the same underlying cause: The wrongly implemented memory feature is what I am guessing.
  6. I am pretty sure you shouldnt see the exact aspect of the bandit when your radar is looking somewhere completely else
  7. F18 TWS Memory Aspect kepts getting updated Once you designated a Target in TWS, you can turn away and the aspect on the target is still getting updated (in the Hud) until the memory runs out. TWS and 32 Memory is being used. Track in Attachments F18aspectBug.trk
  8. The F-18 is able to shoot high off boresight AIM-120 even after not having the radar scan the targets for over 20 seconds. The 120s are still able to guide themselves to the targets and even sort correctly. TWS, 32 Memory is being used. Video: Track in the Attachments. F18memoryBug.trk
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