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  1. If you are asking why anyone would set their radar below zero-- In the 1980's, I was taught to routinely set my radar to -1 or -2 feet to ensure that my radar coverage is truly at "0" feet. Variations in the surface (land or sea) as well as variations in the technology (atmospheric or laser) can allow the opposition to sneak past a defender in the "real" world. Hope that helps.
  2. Do you have access to CombatFlite?
  3. I decided to plunge into DCS all the way back in July 2020. I designed and built a system that was in line with those used by the Top Guns of DCS at the time. Almost by accident, I ran across an advertisement for the pre-sale of the HP Reverb2 and decided to take a chance. For me, the added 3D effect changed DCS from an intellectual exercise to an obsession (almost). It brought back knowledge and memories from the basic flight training that I received in the 1980's and definitely raised my game. Hope that helps.
  4. For the last couple of months, I have been creating (and flying) carrier-based missions for the FA-18C, Supercarrier, and the Marianas Island map with no special problems. Because the MI map is highly detailed on land, I do have to use lower DCS settings for AG missions to avoid hanging and stuttering in VR. However, I am able to use higher DCS settings for AA engagements over the water-- which is nearly two/thirds of the map. Consequently, it depends entirely on what type of missions you wish to fly. As for me, the MI map is the best map DCS has created so far. Hope this helps. (Currently working on a modern version of the "Marianas Turkey Shoot").
  5. I have been using Windows 11 with DCS since its release the first week of October. I was hoping that it might resolve the "twitching" I have been experiencing with HP Reverb2 display since 2.7.7-- regardless of DCS settings. For me, Windows 11 has added no new issues and seems to be more stable than Windows 10. For example, I am now able to use the latest NVidia drivers without added problems-- an issue for me before Windows 11. I still do not use the Game Mode option or any type of power management with my USB controllers. I have not run across anyone describing the issues that you are experiencing-- yet. I will let you know if I do. Good luck and happy hunting.
  6. Are you using Microsoft 11? If so, you may want to check the power management settings for your Universal Serial Bus controllers in Device Management. The upgrade reactivated power management on all of mine-- including NVidia and 3.1. Deselecting them won't solve all of your stuttering problems but it did improve some of my VR issues.
  7. One possibility... are you using the voice command function that comes with WMR? If so, your headset may be picking up a "shut down" command from the various sounds near the headset microphone. Simply turn the WMR voice command function off or desensitize you microphone pickup.
  8. I just remove the face plate, rinse it under the tap, and blot dry it with a paper towel. It is ready to use in about 15 minutes. Hope that helps.
  9. If you have access to Discord, you may want to check out "VR4DCS". It is an up to date source of all things relating to DCS and VR--- including WMR. The app I mentioned may be found there. "VR4DCS" also has a website-- you might want to check there.
  10. "Windows Mixed Reality Tray Tweaker" ( by ApollyonVR)-- gives you the option of turning the Windows function off (or on) on your controller. A link to this app can be found in this forum-- somewhere. Hope that helps.
  11. Sorry, this one is over my head. What are you asking? (saying?)
  12. As I understand it: Refueling aircraft (like all mission aircraft) have a responsibility to reach assigned navigation waypoints at the times designated-- as much as the mission allows. Although implemented in the days before GPS, it still gives modern aircraft the ability to locate tankers should communication and navigation resources be disrupted in any way. Consequently, it is up to the refueling aircraft to "show up and catch-up".
  13. If your looking for missions that use both the F18C and the Supercarrier... go to Mission---F18C---SuperCarrier- based missions. I use the SuperCarrier Cold Start to keep the fundamentals sharp. Hope that helps.
  14. I get the same screen rendition as you do (no fix that I am aware of). I also lose complete mouse "click-ability" in the FA-18C occasionally-- it usually corrects itself after a couple of minutes. I get better reliability with the "mouse in window" option selected in the DCS "VR" option page.
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