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  1. Back up you config file then delete it, Can’t remember the folder location but it should be in User/saved games. When you restart DCS will create a new file with all the default settings
  2. approach left or right of your landing spot with the intention of overshooting, if you know where the wind is coming from make that your final heading to land. basically circle around until you're slow enough to make the final approach. It also make it interesting compare to very long and slow decent straight to your landing spot.
  3. Rockets has the CCIP equivalent, which is continuously computed impact point. Meaning that cross on rocket will keep moving relative to your speed, attack angle, altitude etc. so it cannot be fixed on target
  4. I had bad fps after the Syria map update, but it got better/normal after few flights. It is maybe the same for Marianas, it just needs time to build up memory cache
  5. Official Updates /DCS World 2.5 Changelog and Updates of Open Beta the change log should say DCS World 2.7 right?
  6. there is also a route mode to the right of auto hover that will go to the azimuth you set on the dial just above the auto hover, you must be at a fairly stable flight for it to engage and sometimes stays lit but stops working when ever pitched or too fast
  7. I think it is exactly what was happening, retreating blades would be on the right so the hind should only stall towards the right not left and also not forward like the OP said.
  8. Sometimes after releasing the trim the controls locks in-place, have to reset trims to recover. Not the same as VRS or RBS Can be recreated when slower speed where you constantly re-trimming until letting go of trim just locks the control, it will be visibly lock in place and recovers as soon as you reset trim
  9. Also noticed the autopilot route won’t engage when flying stable while too fast, always have reduce bit of power get stable before it engages.
  10. Also be mindful of Aircraft module in the shop, “for DCS World” titles are not full fidelity modeled. They are $14 ones.
  11. Not at my computer at the moment, but I remember I had to move _download(not exact name) folder,
  12. had some issue with furniture purchase last year, after multiple broken products sent to me, multiple phone tags, multiple technicians report. I decided to get my bank to work for me by Credit Dispute. Got all my money, and end up sending broken furniture and parts to trash.
  13. my brain is now not where it was, and very lost after a couple of "it is and it is not" at some point I thought I was listening to time travel theory lol
  14. Not sure if it is still necessary but I would deactivate all modules from module manager. Also copy dcs game to a different drive so you don’t have to download it again. Make a back-up of dcs folders from windows saved game folder. You can load key mappings from that folder from each controller per aircraft.
  15. try editing the option.lua ["graphics"] = { ["multiMonitorSetup"] = "1camera",
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