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  1. I also have this issue, only recently with the last update or two.
  2. Not sure if this is a limitation or a bug. Clouds don't actually move in their location (GPS location). Yes they appear to move, but they never actually move in their position in the sky. It would be amazing to have them actually move through the sky, creating different conditions at airports throughout the mission. This might inspire go arounds, or even landing at an alternate site if conditions moved in that prevent people from landing. Example with 80 knot winds up high and 8x time acceleration. https://youtu.be/7SbxJap03xM
  3. You really need to check that you installed the beta, then clicked the checkbox for Vulkan. My 1080 ti ftw3 with i7-8700k at 4.8ghz setup got a 50% increase in framerates in VR. Many AMD cards are seeing way more than that. DCS is an amazing game, but the need for Vulkan and other engine related changes can't be understated. We still need to address the multicore CPU usage as the norm almost every year is increasing the core count. Vulkan will help to balance the load to the GPU, but for this game to continue in the next decade, it needs to get on par with the new age.
  4. This is a constant problem for me too since the last 2-3 patches. I haven't tried auto start, will try that in a few minutes.
  5. Thank you so much! Tonight I had not one stutter in my Rift S after almost 2 months of random stutters then snapping instantly back to 80 fps. DCS is enjoyable again!
  6. Initial testing showed zero stutters. I think this is my fix! Thank you so much.
  7. I had it on default before and tried upsizing it to see if it would improve but did not. Thanks for the idea though!
  8. I’ll try this tonight. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Hello all, I’m seeking some more things to try to fix my random VR stutters. My rig runs the rift s at 80 FPS locked all day except a fast second every minute or so it stutters down to 6 FPS or even hourglass then immediate back to 80 FPS locked. Other VR games experience no issue. I even changed the video card and stutters still persisted the same way. I’ve set the motherboard to defaults and worked with evga to rule out the video card. Ram, drives have all been tested and are performing healthy. I7-9700k 4.8ghz all cores fixed speed(no speed step) 1080ti FTW3 EVGA, no additional overlock and tried debug mode to run at reference speed. 32gb ram in 2x16gb, 3000mhz xmp but also tried motherboard defaults 850watt Corsair power supply, 12v rail never fluctuates Samsung m.2 nvme drive, tested healthy and fast Page file in windows set to 100gb on nvme drive I have also added the dcs folder and saved game folder to antivirus exclusions with no improvement.
  10. I am having issues with my rift s performance in the last OB patch or two. I can't explain why, I get random stutters and hourglass.
  11. I am not and have never been on steamvr beta and I have had massive performance drops in VR the last 2 updates. I use the stand-alone version of DCS with Rift S and steam VR doesn't even load. I experience stutters and even hourglass pauses now, even when using the VR preset which is way lower than I have ever run. I used to always run 40+ often 80 fps locked without ever experiencing stutters. I only play multiplayer, so I can't speak to single-player performance. i7-8700K at 4.8ghz all cores, 1080 ti, 32 gb ram, dcs on Samsung 970 NVME drive.
  12. Nevermind I found options.lua inside the server config folder. For anyone else with this issue, I pasted in the following code to fix my issue. ["VR"] = { ["enable"] = false, },
  13. When I add the --force_disable_VR, the server only flashes then ends. Where are the dedicated server options located?
  14. Is there a way to prevent the dedicated server from starting oculus and loading in VR? When I want to run a dedicated server from a computer that has a normal install of dcs and a Rift S in addition to an install of the dedicated server, the dedicated server window opens in full vertical and loads oculus software.
  15. I have another suggestion, once you load DCS hold ALT and hit ENTER. This forces DCS to use your entire monitor, fixes the mouse running away and clicking outside DCS. This fixes all my issues with mouse in VR.
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