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  1. If you managed to install open beta 1.5 and have problems with crashing when you want to start the open beta 1.5, make sure you have downloaded and installed Visual C++ Redistributable package and Service Pack 1. I have WIN 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition and had issues with starting open beta 1.5. Now it all works fine!!
  2. I would like to sign up as a Lone-Wolf flying for the Red Team Callsign: =4c= Kabalah[sA] Preferred Aircraft: SU-25T, SU-25, KA-50, MIG-21Bis, SU-27
  3. I might be wrong, but as of yesterday my cocpit instruments are in Russian and tooltips in English. The change has occured after the last update. However make sure to turn on the the custom cockpit option in options menu for MIG21. I hope this helped. Edit: i have not used any mods.
  4. Lalalalalalala..... I dont see anything....I dont hear anything....what were u sayin?....lalalalalalalal
  5. A bit off topic. Red Alert: Hell March http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb-gI_pFog0
  6. The one who controls the past conquers the future. :)
  7. Someone a while ago posted a link to video where two BF109s encounter two Spitfires. They attack one Spit without noticing the other one. After they turn around to head home, the other Spit gets between the two BF109s and fires upon the leader. The shocked wingman in panic maxes the throttle and runs away. Does anyone know where can I find that video? (I have searched the forums, but was unable to find it. Thank you in advance.
  8. Zadavicu te!!! Old Serbian way of saying thank you....
  9. Hello everyone, For a 10000 times now I have watched the short video clip on National Geographic usually broadcasted between documentary programs and during nights. It is a collage of various balloon flights including Breitling high altitude balloon. One thing I am not able to figure out and it is getting me frustrated lately. What is the music or theme played in background of that video???? Please if anyone knows, let me know. Thank you in advance.
  10. Try with Driver Cleaner 3. Clean up all drivers that u do not need on ur comp. Clean up the driver for graphic card as well, and then install the lastest driver for it. Try then.....
  11. Taking the actual picture maybe?:-)
  12. I remember having a Su-24 video on my computer while ago. It seems that I lost it and now I want to find it and download it again if possible. The video is about some Russian/Ukraian AFB with Su-24 aircrafts. I also remember that the music in the backgound was from the German music group Rammstein (Du Hast). Please help. Any info is welcome. Tnx.
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