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  1. Are you flying in Syria? I currently cannot fly in Syria because it will take all 32GBs of RAM and cause stuttering. It happens after the latest patch.
  2. Good luck with the headset after 1 year warranty... OpenXR is a must have. Before this come out the performance via SteamVR is so bad. 3dMitigo is QoL
  3. Can you kindly provide your settings of 3dmigoto and OpenXR? I found it is kinda hard to tune the color And I own a G2 too.
  4. This thread worth a nobel price! My vr experience of DCS had never been so smooth. Let me cry for a moment now.... Finally my 3080 is worth it...
  5. Sorry I forgot to set the permission. Now it's set.
  6. 1. The waypoint is offset 50KM away from the actual waypoint. (input by KU into TSD) 2. My pilot cannot see any of the coordinates I create (by both store button and KU input), also DIR and route set are not visible to him. Track file is bigger than 5MB so I uploaded it to google drive. Thanks. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15ccMxnq1KrN3eMH3-0MDu1QTYAGwBtUl/view?usp=sharing
  7. Also, adding waypoint in tsd is way off too. I had a flight today and the waypoint is 50km off... It started acting like this after the hot fix.
  8. After the hot fix it is unplayable now. I have got 32GBs of RAM, whenever I load into syria map it will consume all 32GBs of ram from my computer and started stuttering.
  9. I think it is desync issue. It works in single player / George but when multicrew in multiplayer, those missiles can't see the laser. I switched to other channels in my CPG seat (LRFD to B, missile channel pri to B), but my pilot still see channel A on hellfires. Here is a video on it: (It is not resolved please remove the solution tag)
  10. I think I did that and the missile cannot see laser return
  11. I guess I have to attach a track to get a reply. The track is bigger than 5MB so I uploaded it to google drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18DlIbbge3ShzKdoRj7kKD6LWwwRtxR6b/view?usp=sharing
  12. Some of the laser channel does not work atm. The missiles can't see lasers while set in those channels. I have set both LRFD and missile laser to the same code. I am sure the A channel is working, but like all others are not working. Also, the mask only render in one eye in VR.
  13. Update: I have used this and it fixes everything!! This:
  14. I have transitioned from opervr_fsr to vrprefkit. I would say the graphics of vrprefkit is not as good as openvr_fsr... Even I turned up the render scale to 0.9 and msaa 4x, the edges are driving me crazy. Am I the only one who finds this?
  15. Did the new update broke this mod? I got failed to compile shader error...
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