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  1. Turns out having them plugged into a powered hub wasn't working now. Although it worked since I bought the parts. I plugged everything into the back of the PC and everything is working now.
  2. I recently upgraded parts in my PC. Now when I go to update firmware I get a blank box. I have just the rudders plugged in at this time and i still cant update firmware Someone mentioned the VID/PID numbers, Mine are USB NAME - VPC NO PROFILLE VID - 3344 PID - 0000
  3. I just upgraded my motherboard cpu and video card. Now when I boot up I get this error an operating system was not found. Try disconnecting any drives that contain an. Operating qsystem press Carl+alt+del to restart anyone seen this error and how do I fix it
  4. Anyone have experience putting a VPC Collective chair mount on a Secret Labs Omega
  5. Lucky

    Lead times

    Received the 3rd and final package on Friday Dec 14
  6. Lucky

    Lead times

    Right now my 3 packages from Virpil are delayed in Memphis since Jan 3,2022. Hopefully they release soon. At least it gives me time to learn to use Pointctrl
  7. Lucky

    Lead times

    My order is on the way. ordered 12/10/21 -- shipped on 12/29/21 Product Name SKU Qty Shipped VPC Hawk-60 Collective Grip [Back-Order] VPC-012 1 VPC Rotor TCS Plus Base [Back-Order] VPC-112 1 VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base [Back-Order] VPC-109 1 VPC MongoosT-50CM3 Throttle [Back-Order] VPC-201-003 1 VPC ACE Interceptor Pedals [Back-Order] VPC-302-001 1 VPC Chair Mount - Collective Base Adapter [Back-Order] VPC-620 1 VPC Desk Mount V2/V3/V4 Adapter - TMW Throttle [Back-Order] VPC-611 1 VPC Desk Mount V4 - L [Back-Order] VPC-601-006 1 VPC Desk Mount V4 Adapter - MongoosT-50CM2 Base [Back-Order] VPC-623 1 VPC Desk Mount V4 - S [Back-Order] VPC-601-007 1 VPC MongoosT-50CM2/CM3 Throttle - TMW Throttle Mounting Adapter [Back-Order] VPC-614 1
  8. The V4L sticks out pretty far from your desk. Something to think about.
  9. Lucky

    Lead times

    Thanks, that gives me an idea what to expect.
  10. Lucky

    Lead times

    I'm expecting a longer then normal wait due to the AH-64D. I ordered the Hawk collective and rotor base, rudder pedals, CM2 base ,CM3 throttle, chair mount and other base parts,
  11. Any idea what the next lead time is on Virpil parts, Just placed a large order. Wasn't gonna do it but I gotta fly the Apache.
  12. Which grip, the VIRPIL or the TM F16.
  13. My price is about $200.00 under the average price here in the US.
  14. SOLD SOLD I put my Reverb G2 up for sale. Priced to sell $350.00. Used very little. Shipping to Continental US only. Payment by Paypal.
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