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  1. Full screen, with my DCS screen size set to the native size of my main display, 1920x1080. I also use Alt(either one)+Enter to get some extra frame rate out of DCS. (This is weird. Apparently Alt+Enter is Windows DirectX full screen command - which is why it works with either Alt key unlike DCS commands that just specify one or the other - but it doesn't seem to get set by the DCS fullscreen option. If I don't press it my frame rate will lock to whole number divisors of my display's 60FPS, so it'll usually be exactly 30 or (or exactly 20 or 15 if it's rendering really slow). If I hit Alt+Enter the frame rate is allowed to go in between those values, and I'll get numbers like, say, 37 or 43 and see a noticeable improvement in frame rate. (Yet still no horizontal tearing like you would get with V-Sync off, so it's not doing that.) And if I switch out to another app, it'll go back to the "locked" mode and I have to hit Alt+Enter again to get back to the faster refresh rate. (A bit annoying, but I'm glad we can do it! It was great to discover this hidden bonus framerate!) Anyway, neither mode has any different effect on the cursor constraining. Happens whichever way I have it. At this point it feels almost random. Sometimes the cursor is locked to the DCS screen, sometimes it lets me slide over to the other display as if the constraint setting was off. options.lua
  2. Also just noticed, when I first open the ME the cursor is confined to the game window. But when I spawn into the mission it's not. And when I quit the mission and return to the ME it's no longer confined either.
  3. Haven't noticed anything glaringly wrong with it. I think net latency sometimes makes other players' guns seem a bit off. And we need to keep in mind the plane is moving forward, so you're flying into your bullet smoke trails. I'll try to take a look in slow-mo next chance I get. Been loving the air-bursting 37mm rounds. We carry our own FLAK!
  4. Yes, work as they should and burn out as they should. The UV bulbs (which I'm guessing are mercury vapor?) need extra juice to get started, but will burn out if not backed off (to about the end of the arrow) after a few minutes. American planes like the P-47 seem to do this automatically but you have to remember to do it in the MiG. I still forget and burn them out about half the time.
  5. Tested the MiG-15 for hypoxia when unpressurized, and wasn't able to achieve it even after 50 minutes above 12km, including about 20 minutes above 14km (which is 46,000ft!) Then I induced hypoxia by turning off the oxygen valve. That worked as expected, things rapidly got blurry and lost color saturation, except I was able to recover just by turning the O2 back on. Didn't need to pressurize or lose altitude. That doesn't sound right to me. Would be nice to have a reason to need to use the pressurization system. Thanks! (Have a track but it's 15MB, too big to upload here. Can you just trust me? Easy enough to verify, though it takes an hour of flying.)
  6. When I try to set the smoke effect density it seems to only take 1 or 0 for the value. No decimal or numbers above 1 are taking. Pretty sure it used to take decimal values between 0 and 1. (Also, there doesn't appear to be any difference between density 0 and density 1. This is using the "huge smoke" preset though all the other presets seem to behave similarly.) Also, did that "huge smoke" preset change its appearance? I don't remember it having any fire effect at all but it now makes an orange glow at the base as if there's a fire, even though there's only black smoke. Sometimes we might just want smoke with no visible fire or lighting effect. Smoke color (or at least a greyscale between white steam and black oil smoke) would be nice too. (Yes, I'm trying to make the Elbrus volcano active. )
  7. The new option Cursor Confined to Game Window isn't working when you first spawn. I'm not sure what happens that makes it work, maybe some view switching? But at some point it goes back to doing what it should again. And while I'm here, could I request a keybind to temporarily turn that off? Usage case: I have the flight manual up in on the 2nd screen. Most of the time I don't want the DCS cursor running off into it and changing what page I'm on accidentally, so this new feature is much appreciated (even more so if it actually worked). But occasionally I do want to slide the cursor over into the manual to navigate through it. Would be nice to have a momentary defeat of this feature to do that. Only needs to work as long as I'm holding the keybind down (momentary) though I guess a toggle would be acceptable too. (Yes, I know I can Alt+Tab out, but then DCS disappears entirely until I switch back to it. Not ideal.)
  8. Yes, please! (Just ran into the issue. Can't believe this isn't in there!) Even if there's no interface and it needs to be scripted, that'll do. (Or is there already a way to access that via script?)
  9. Yeah, I'd like to do this too. If we can't do it, could it be made a feature? (Doesn't even need any interface, it could be specified in the lua file.)
  10. The F-16's LE flaps appear to have a negative angle when fully retracted. That can't be right, can it? (I'm pretty sure it didn't used to do this.)
  11. Thanks. What does "Pedals Trimmer Button" do? Is it the same as the stick trimmer but broken out so it only does the pedals? And I have a FFB stick, which disables Central Position Trimmer Mode even if you have it selected. (At least it used to.)
  12. There are 81 possible different combinations of these 4 settings with 3 options each.
  13. "All modules" means all modules. Doesn't mean all modules someday. And, "troll post"? I'm just agreeing with the OP.
  14. Weird how many of you support being outright lied to. I'm just asking them to do what they said they were going to do (for once).
  15. So, not appreciating being lied to over and over again is "entitlement" now? Then why don't they let us demo it?
  16. Another broken promise. 11 June 2021: Understand that it's not in a condition you want to show off yet but whose fault is that?
  17. I get Integrity Check issues with this module too, but oddly, not on my first mission (even if I don't use the T-45 in it), only after the second mission of a session does the shield at the top of the multiplayer selection screen turn red and tell me there's something wrong with the T-45 module under Saved Games/Mods/aircraft/ So you can log in to a server with IC enabled, play for a while, then try to log in to another and it will reject you.
  18. The cows look less detailed than they did originally, even up close. It's like we're looking at a lower LOD model than what we originally had. Their eyelids disappear when they're still quite close to the camera, making a noticeable visual bump as you move away from/towards them and giving them an evil look. And they don't lie on their sides when they die now. Instead it's like they're stuck in deep mud. I know it's just the cows but why have them at all if they're an eyesore, and why were they better before?
  19. I just tried to reproduce it in a simpler mission and got some slightly different weird behavior, which the Willy's is now matching exactly, so I don't think it's your bug, it's DCS. More... Seems to have something to do with trying to create loops with Go To Waypoint. I've tried with both Fix Time on and off (for all except the first WP, it won't accept it if no WPs have Fix Time checked). When I loop it explicitly by adding more waypoints it works fine. When I don't, everything except my tight donut loop seems to have the AIs trying to take shortcuts after the first cycle is complete, as if they think they're behind schedule. This is all regardless of whether I'm using stock DCS vehicles or your mod. Sorry about that, this is clearly a DCS issue.
  20. Possible bug: I've got a few Fords going all at once and they seem to be exchanging waypoints randomly. They're doing crazy, unpredictable stuff, which is kind of cool in itself but not what I scripted. I have one set to do donuts in a loop and others set to drive around a road, but the ones on the road start doing circles too. Put a Willy's jeep in there as well but it's acting normally, as scripted.
  21. Just tried. It says it is but I couldn't jump into it. Same with the harvester. Still awesome though! (Sorry, I was doing it wrong. Yes it is!)
  22. Love this, great work! (How do I slingload the cow?) Never mind got it. Cargos: Moo cow.
  23. I just want the controls to sync in multi-crew. Kind of important, for a trainer.
  24. As a trainer, shouldn't fixing the multicrew desync be a high priority? Tried it when it came out but put it away due to this.
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