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  1. Hope for MiG-29A. Other possibilities could be BS3, AH-1, F-4 or nothing.
  2. Does that mean FF MiG-29A is no go? Its way more complex aircraft than Su-25 after all.
  3. I suppose they didnt have much info about this aircraft to make it beliavable. From what I saw on videos, the cockpit was taken from old variants. Real aircraft was based on MiG-29M, so It should have much more advanced avionics.
  4. From what I know, backbone of RuAF is currently made of Su-35s, Su-30SMs and modernized Su-27SM variants. Hoewer It seems like some unmodernized 80s variants are still in service. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ac23QOy3Y_xlUpYQ1xjQwVEYHi2qyoo3/view
  5. Its not "dead". There just probably isnt much to show. If I understand correctly MiG-23 is currently not priority for RAZBAM. There are some earlier projects in development like F-15E, Pucara, South Atlantic etc. + lot of work on released modules like AV-8 and M2000.
  6. Latest estimate was something like "before 2022", but given current progress I would expect it much later.
  7. Sadly nothing at all. We dont know even if its going to DCS or another sim.
  8. Most likely yes. There is apparently a lots of issues due legislation concerning more modern variants of Russian jets. Maybe 9-13S variant could be doable as well, but I wouldnt take a bet on it.
  9. Flyable heavy aircraft in DCS would be great. Especialy if it would be Tu-95. But I think its imposible, sadly.
  10. Ehm no. There was plenty of La-7s used on Eastern front. Lots of pilots became aces while flying this aircraft. It used same engine like late La-5FN and when 7s came to service most of the problems with it were already solved. Main difference was in better aerodynamics and lighter airframe. 1946-1950 was time for further improved La-9/11.
  11. Early Cold war is very poorly represented in DCS in general. Its bit shamefull that we have MiG-15, but not its primary targets (B-29 and B-36). MiG-19 is in bit worse situation. F-100 would be ideal foe for it, so lets hope that somebody decides to make it as 3rd party module. Soviet WW2 assets would be nice, however It hard to think that somebody that would be willing to make them.
  12. I would buy any Soviet aircraft avaiable. If it would be same late variant like 9M,U or P, it would certainly made nice addition for possible La-7 and It would also be good oponent to German (or American) aircrafts that we have currently in game. Of course It would be nice If there would be some Soviet WW2 asssets and suitable map, however there was a pretty long time when only way to play WW2 in DCS was with P-51 against 109s and Doras over modern Caucascus. Its not ideal, but Its doable.
  13. Pretty much yes. Its similar to G variant. Just westernized 29A.
  14. One of the problems that I have with "modern" era in DCS is that it doesnt feel very authentic in current implementation (especially with very simplified EW). Its almost like fighting in the 80s, just without chaffs and flares. Problem is that there is lots of stuff that is classified and of course cant be showed in public game.
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