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  1. If anybody was thinking about trying BS in the latest windows 7 beta, i can tell you it runs smooth with no issues. I was getting 30fps with XP and 44 with Vista (dual cpu enabled) I get a nice 47 fps with Windows 7 (dual cpu enabled) :thumbup: Fps taken exactly same conditions.. With the beta being released to the public within the next few weeks it's worth a look, really liking it so far, nicest windows for me yet.. quick aswell
  2. Grale

    Xmas Day Junkie

    I wish i had nothing else better to do! just about to set of to the inlaws, the whole family will be there! My wife had our first baby on the 3rd dec so i've had no time to myself, not complaining mind just a little time on BS would be nice ;¬) Have a good xmas and enjoy your peace :thumbup:
  3. Just tried it. :pilotfly: Perfect, i was just about to give up with the trim. and i love the way the joystick stays where you trim it out... Thanks again, the sim just got even better :thumbup:
  4. Superb!! look forward to trying this when i finish work. Cheers TooCool :)
  5. So will this enable me to actually use the trim button, because at the moment pressing the trim button and moving the stick, then releasing doesn't work for me. As soon as i let go of the trim button the joystick's ff snaps back at me and ends up trimming to the right and down everytime!
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